March 3, 2010

Coffee Talk: Blogging...

So this is sort of a piggy back response to a blog that Christina from Second Skin posted yesterday. To make it short; she basically put out a series of questions...why is blogging so interesting? "Is it because of social validation? Artistic expression?..."

The comment I left was that I blog because I want to, I like it, and it's sort of an online diary for me. Definitely more fun and interesting than writing in a book. I look at and read other blogs because I enjoy reading them...looking at everyone's individual style; what goes on their lives.  I love that we're all unique. And, it's a great feeling to meet new people.....blogging!

Her blog post was reminiscent of a post I made not too long ago. It was the one where an associate asked me why I blog and post pictures of myself...blah blah blah...

For those who know me, and are around me often, can assure you that I don't care what people think about me, or how they see me. I don't blog for self validation...I like who I am and what I wear. I didn't see anything wrong with posting photos of myself or my dog or my daughter....

This is me; this is who I am. I'm sharing my experiences with you all. The posting of the photos is just a reflection of how I was feeling that particular day (usually I feel good everyday). I bargain shop and I wear clothes that look right for my body type and size. I don't wear fancy, expensive items...I put together an outfit based on how I feel.

I thought Christina's blog was very interesting. You all should read it. Makes you think...

This is what I wore today...I dressed more relaxed for work (no heels). And because I've been sticking to an exercising pants do not fit like they use to (that's a good thing!):

sweater: NY&Co for $7.99; black pants: Old Navy; oxfords: Wild Pair; bag: H&M; watch: Fossil


  1. How cute is that sweater! Love it.
    I guess I started blogging because I thought i had something to share with others (ie, my deal hunting) I continued it because I have met so many awesome people in this online group! Love it.

  2. I loved reading your comment yesterday and your expansion on your comment here. I really just enjoy it too. So many factors can get a person so excited or so distracted that it can get easy to forget the whole point of this anyway. Or maybe the point changes for a person and they need to get back to their roots you know. You are a very wise and grounded woman. Thanks for participating in the conversations here in blogworld.

  3. Luv ur relaxed look!! Im back to blogging and commenting, yey, so just popping in to say hi! Hope ur well! xxx

  4. I love what you had to say. I think it takes a little bit of courage to put yourself out there in such a public way. I have read blogs that people have left negative comments on. What's the point of this? I try and live by the rule if you don't have something nice to say than don't say anything.

    I've been blogging regularly for a few months now. Like you, I think of it as a diary of my thoughts. I never know what may hit me that I want to blog about. I also enjoy reading other blogs. I love to people watch and I think of blogs as cyber people watching. I'm inspired by other people's styles, not just fashion but life. It's been fun "getting to know" some of these people.

    So keep on blogging because your is one I check out regularly because I think you have great style!

  5. that sweater is soooo fab! i want it!


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