March 24, 2010

Coffee Talk: Facebook...

Yes... I'm on Facebook and no I do not accept every friendship that comes along my way. Why? What if we weren't really good friends in the past? What if we couldn't stand each other - and - when we ran into each other we still didn't speak?

I have friends who nearly lose sleep wondering if they should accept a friend request or ignore it. For what? See here's my thing...I will not accept a co-worker's request (well I have accepted 1); simply because I separate my professional life from my personal life. I do not get on Facebook from work (not anymore) because ... I can simply wait until I get off work, besides I'm not on it often. If you were not a friend of mine back in the day...that possibly means that we're not friends now so I more than likely will not accept your friend request.

Why is my friend having issues? She feels as though she's offending the person who requested the friendship. I asked her a series of questions and all of her answers were negative. I felt that she answered her own initial question which was if she should accept a friend request from an enemy from back in the day. But I don't know...that's me. If we didn't like each other from the beginning and still don't when we see each other out, why then accept a friend request on Facebook???

What do you guys think?

Anyway, I had a wonderful was gorgeous outside (really hate that rain is coming our way)...and I got so many things accomplished. Here's what I attitude was casual ...casual...casual

forgot to take the keys out of my pocket
Target cardi; NY&Co cropped pinstriped pants (can barely see); Wild Pair shoes


  1. I am like you... I don't accept every friend requests. I write all sorts of stuff in my facebook account that I feel only my friends should know.

    I love your cardi... love the color and the design... so perfect for spring. xoxo

  2. love the oxfords. i am on the hunt for the perfect pair.

  3. Haha, I ignore FB requests all the time. Its not like people know WHY, or even remember they requested you. haha.

    Also, I delete people with little provocation.

    Love the navy and green/blue together!

  4. To all - thanks for the comments! I find FB to not be something to stress over...too crazy!!


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