March 31, 2010

Hello Spring!

Old Navy blouse; Target skirt & shoes from like 3 years ago??

Outside - gorgeous again....but this time with much pollen in the air
At the Job - extremely busy and cold....again
At Home - relaxing, loving as always
My Mood - would have been great, but I see that Spring is definitely here. I can't stop rubbing my eyes & nose, and can't keep from feeling so tired. I truly wanted Spring to get here...I just forgot about everything that comes with it - pollen.
My Outfit - I looked more polished, alert and put together earlier in the day. My allergies have taken over. And my outfit was all wrinkles.


  1. OH we are wearing the same color - what do you mean you don't /can't /won't wear color - it looks great on you!! Love the striped skirt too. Very cool.

    OH! Did you hear about the lady who put "robbing a bank" on her bucket list?? I wish she had come to your blog for some better ideas first?!?!?!!?

  2. I love that brightly colored top! So beautiful and spring - like!! Your hair looks amazing in this photo btw ;)

  3. @Bianca - thanks! I went to the link and read the story...OMG! How crazy! I have no words on that story...

    @heart charlie - thank you...I felt springy in the shirt as well.


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