May 1, 2010

It's Anthony!!!

Yesterday was such a fun day! Well, after work I had taken my daughter and her friend to Lenox Mall (Atlanta) for the Fashion event they were hosting. It was sooo cool. First we ate - then we stood in line (10 min tops) to get into the sample and event side. We received a bag full of goodies (I also got 2 drink tickets but didn't use them since I had 2 teens with me). Then they put this wristband on you so that you could try out all the great samples they had such as food from California Kitchen, and Chickfila; clothing coupons for either free items or 40-50% off clothing items like Frend Connection, Loft, and more. There were also beauty samples from Sephora, and Aveda. We got to watch them do some cool ballroom were able to get your picture taken or get a funny self potrait done.

After our sample session we headed down to Macy's to see all of the fashion shows. That's where I met Anthony Williams, one of the contestants from Project Runway. He was soooo down to earth and just plain funny.

It was an awesome day for us and today shall be even more eventful ...or fun. The movie Nightmare on Elm Street started yesterday so we will be going to see it today. Although I'm sure it won't compare to the should be entertaining.


  1. wow. i wish we had events like that here in germany. looked like a fun night!


  2. It was awesome! That's too bad Germany doesn't have events like that...need to come to the states!!! Take care!

  3. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    I LUUUURVE! Anthony!! Yay! And I am glad to hear he was in person as he appeared during the show!

    Sounds like you had a great time! :-)

  4. how in the world did i miss this event? so tragic!

  5. @Bianca - It was an awesome time! Anthony is a great individual.

    @Simplychic - How did you miss it??!! I probably would have missed it too if it wasn't for my duaghter. She keeps track of anything fashion related.


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