June 23, 2010

Broken Pipe = Repairs & Clean up...

Right after my daughter and I returned from our Miami trip, we had a pipe burst under our bathroom sink. Well, it flooded the bathroom of course, the hallway, dining area, and part of the living room area. So before anything could actually be done (adding of new flooring...), every part of every room had to be dried out completely and made sure that there wouldn't be any mold build up.

Today, the contractors were out to put in my new floors and the floor looks awesome. Before there was carpet in the hallway and dining area....now there is a gorgeous hard wood floor staring back at me! Love it!

But there was lots of cleanup afterwards. So my daughter and I had to totally, and thoroughly, hall ass to clean up everything. We are now done...

However, while the contractors were working hard at installing my new floors, I decided to make something. I made a couple of necklaces...nothing too hard or too complicated. Here they are:


  1. Sorry about the pipes and hassle, but CONGRATS on the wood floors!! :-)

    Nice work on the jewels! I love the one that looks like foiled glass! So pretty.

  2. Cute necklaces! Very nice!

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  4. so pretty! do you sale your pieces?

  5. Thanks for the comments!

    @simplychic - I do not sell any of my pieces. I just create for fun.


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