June 27, 2010

A Day At The Park...Six Flags That Is!!!

Yesterday I had taken my daughter and a couple of her friends to Six Flags Over Georgia. We got there around 11AM and didn't leave until 8PM. I haven't been on a roller coaster since 2005 when we went to Disney. This was so much fun! My daughter even rode on all of the roller coasters!!! Shocking!!! She scared of them!

First we got on the Georgia Cyclone - what an awesome ride!
Picture courtesy of joyrides.com

Next it was Acrophobia, a ride we had to talk my daughter into...as well as her friend. It was one of the best rides there.

Then we found the Batman ride.
We were waiting to get on...not that long of a wait by far (left to right - My daughter (in pink Aeropastale shirt), her friend Ashley, and her bestie Esra)

This is the Batman ride.

Then, because we needed to cool down, we got on ThunderRiver. Yep....we cooled down alright! Drenched is what happened to us.
Photo courtesy of atlantaphotos.com

After ThunderRiver we got on this ride...Ninja, which was the last ride for me because it had given me such a bad headache. My head was all over the place on this ride. I would advise anyone who is 5'2 and under to not even think about getting on it. My daughter was fine because her head never hit the 'protectors'.
Photo courtesy of joyrides.com

So because I had such a bad headache...I was done riding but my daughter and her friends rode on 2 more rides, Superman & the Great American Scream Machine.

Here's the Superman ride.

This is the Great American Scream Machine.

We also rode on a log ride but it was so boring...nothing to really talk about there.

We had a great day! My daughter is already planning our next trip back. Apparently we didn't ride the Goliath and The Scorcher, 2 of the best rides there.

Here they are again...as we were leaving out of the park they wanted to take a goodbye pic.

Here I am with them taking a goodbye pic.

Until next time...Take care everyone!


  1. that looks so much fun. i recently went to 6flags too. but didn't ride roller coaster. :)


    PS: Maybe you wanna check out the new blog my friend and I made. It's everything NYC and more!

  2. OMG, that 1st ride looks so scary, but I'm scared of everything. LOL!

  3. i have never and will never enjoy roller coasters. i don't know what's so fun about being scared to death! ick! you guys are brave!!! this is one fear i have no desire to conquer ;)

  4. None of the rides were scary...lol lots of fun though!

    I will say that my daughter was brave...this was the first time she's ever gone on every ride suggested.

  5. I'm scared just looking at the pics!!!!


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