June 29, 2010

Hmmm....What's on my Agenda...

Books on my list to read:
  • Sizzling Sixteen - Janet Evanovich (I love her Stephanie Plum books!)
  • I Alex Cross - James Patterson (I only read his Alex Cross books)
Movies to see this month:
  • Eclipse (Twilight) - I will see tomorrow night
  • The Last Airbender - I will see on Saturday
  • Dispicable Me (it's the kid within me) - July 9
  • Predators - July 9
  • Salt - July 23
Things to complete this week:
  • The necklace I promised a friend
  • Cleaning out my closet
Places left to go:
  • NEW YORK - the end of this month! Yay!
Any plans for you guys??

Outfit of the day:
Levi wanted to say hi
Target dress
Shoes from Shoe Land


  1. Loving the purple!! Looks fab! :-)

  2. o i love the doggie, and i love that dress!

    when will you be in ny?! i'll be there from 7/21-7/28!

  3. I have a similar looking dress! :) It's in blue, though.

  4. looking really pretty in that purple!

  5. Thank you for the compliments!


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