June 9, 2010

It's Just One of Them Days...

When i wanna be all alone

It's just one of them days

When i gotta be all alone

It's just one of them days

Don't take it personal...

Love that song by Monica...today was one of those 'leave me alone' days. You know, the kind of day when you want to just have time for yourself only??

Until tomorrow...



  1. Thanks...I'm sorry I didn't take a pic of the whole outfit...

  2. you are rocking my fav color combo...grey and yellow!

  3. Your message and prayers helped me through a rough patch, Corie ... I cannot thank you enough!

    I miss you and your blog!

    PS You should wear that skirt more often ... it's so pretty on you!

  4. @SimplyChic - I love the colors grey & yellow....that's why I had to get that skirt! Thanks!

    @Nina - I'm here if you ever need me. You are welcome :) I miss you and your blog too! So come back soon!


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