June 13, 2010

This Weekend Too is Over...

I had a great weekend! I say this in past tense because I usually don't count my Sundays as part of my weekend....sort of speak. Sunday is my day to get myself prepared for the upcoming week.

Yesterday my daughter and I went to the American Apparel Flea Market at Atlantic Station (thanks SimplyChic!). It was awesome! A great sale on wonderfully cool items. There will be pics soon!

After that we went to the movies to go see The Karate Kid....loved it! I'm usually a little bit skeptic of remakes but this remake was rather good. Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith did good and should be very proud. Jaden Smith is a natural.

So here's what I wore for casual Friday at work last week: 
Target T and Skirt; Shoe Land shoes; ring??
Here's what I wore on Saturday for shopping:
Target tank; NY&CO skirt; Shoe Land tie shoes; WalMart necklace & bracelet


  1. Luv both outfits hun! xx

  2. love the necklace on that second outfit so much!


  3. i love your sandals! i desperately need(want) a pair of brown one's.

    i went to the AA flea market saturday morning. i didn't buy anything but that was the plan. just mainly wanted to see what it was all about. can't wait for pics! did you have to wait in line long?

  4. Thanks for the comments..I love that necklace btw ModeJunkie!

    @simplychic - I hate I missed you! I went in the afternoon like 2 or so and we did not have to wait in a line at all.

  5. love your Saturday shopping outfit, Corie! :) looks so breezy and easy to move around in while looking around for great finds :)


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