July 5, 2010


Have you guys heard of this site sale.com? It's pretty cool. I was going through Lucky Mag and I saw the site info in there...thought I'd take a look and I'm sold! This link has been added on my comp as one of my favs. I will definitely visit often.

So this is the end of my 4th of July weekend. I have to return to work tomorrow. Booo!!! But I'll post some pics from over the weekend.

Here I am getting ready to go visit family this past Friday...my day off.
Top: NY&Co
Jeggings: Marshall's
Here's my daughter...and what she decided to wear.
Both Tank tops: Forever21
Leggings: H&M
Shoes: Shoe Land
Here I am playing dress up. Yep dress up. My intentions were to show off my new belt & shoes that I simply love!
Dress is old....like I bought it in 1997! So I'm not sure where I got it from.
Belt: Forever21
Shoes: Shoe Land

I would have had more pics up, but I didn't want a pic overload.


  1. off to check out that site!

    love your black top and your daughters leggings.

  2. Love the belt.
    Pretty cool

  3. I like all the looks, and Im really in love with those shoes!!

  4. Thank you all! The accessories shown are definitely my new favs!

  5. Wow!!! You all look phenomenal. Sexy ladies!!

  6. WOWSER! Look at your shape in that dress/belt!HOT!


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