July 30, 2010

Coffee Talk: Wish I'd Known...

When I first started my position with my current employer 3 years ago, I mainly kept to myself. I stayed in my nice sized cubicle and barely left it. Gradually people started coming around and introducing themselves, asking to go out to lunch, etc...

One person in particular was a very different, outgoing individual, who seemed pretty persistent in getting me to open up to her. Eventually it worked and this person and I were going on shopping trips, she'd come to my daughter's events...we were not only co-workers; but friends as well. So I thought...

Well about a few months back, this 'friend' was laid off of work. I felt so bad; but I knew she would bounce back because she was really intelligent and a go-getter. However, as I would call her to check up on her...what friends do...she never had the time to talk, nor did she have the time to do anything else. Then...the communication stopped between us.

I guess our so called friendship was an office friendship only. I wish I'd known that. To this day I'm not sure how she's doing. I could call her but why?? Seems like she proved to me that she truly wasn't a 'friend'.

I wish people would be real upfront; like I am. I'm far from fake but I guess that's part of life....right?

Now for my outfit of the day; casual Fridays:
What I'm Wearing: Old Navy shirt dress (tucked in); NY&Co pant & circle necklace; Forever21 cross necklace; chain necklace my creation; Bakers shoes; of course Macy's bag


  1. Sorry to hear about the workplace friendship, but you look great. Love the shoes!!!

  2. I feel your pain. As we get older we live and learn in regards to friendships.

    The dress as a shirt is cute.

  3. Sorry to hear about that : ( Love your outfit though! xxx

  4. I am going to guess things did not go so well...If she took the time to do things with your daughter....

    I have been through some friendships that survived, and some that did not survive layoffs, and often when people break contact, they are embarrassed by not having a job, or by having to take a job beneath the one they did with you. You would think that it wouldn't matter in a real friendship, but its hard out there, and people are all too human.

    Sorry it became unrepairable, and I hope at some time she can come to terms with what happened, and try again for a friendship. :-(

  5. Yeah people reveal themselves as time goes on better now than later.


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