August 29, 2010

Beautiful Days Ahead...

The weather has begun to change....slightly. I love 85 degree, breezy & less humid days; I love the 70's more, however, I'll take what we're getting presently. My weekend was wonderful! I honestly didn't have much to do & the weather was complaints.

I had taken my daughter to go see the movie Takers this weekend and it wasn't so bad. Lots of action and good looking men! After that....we chilled at home. It was a relaxing weekend...I loved it!

Here's how relaxed I was on Saturday:
What I'm Wearing: Old Navy tunic; Forever21 tank; NY&Co pants; Shoe Land shoes
So how did you spend your weekend? I wanna hear!


  1. My weekend was quiet too. Went to a football game. Your sandals are so cute.

  2. CUTE sandals!!!!!!!!

    i love a good white shirt.

  3. I can only wish for more lovely weekends like this past one!

    thanks for the compliments...I love those sandals...then again, I love all of my shoes! lol

  4. i love this look. simple white tunic and really interesting sandals. so chic.

  5. Very laid back look and the sandals are very cute. I'd totally rock this look.r


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