August 16, 2010

I Swear They Don't Hurt...

I admit, I dress waaayyy differently from a lot of my co-workers. Many are either much older than I am, and think nothing of fashion what so ever; and the rest are my age or younger, but may have 2+ kids in the home -- so clothing items/fashion isn't a thought & they will tell you that.

Therefore when I come in to work, I'm the odd ball. But like I've said many times, I dress how I feel. I also made the statement that I'm not a fashionista -- stylista...whatever you want to call it. People at my job think so. (rolling my eyes..smh)

So when I came in to work today, wearing these shoes...
all eyes were on me.
The most comfortable shoes ever!

I was asked questions like if they hurt my feet--what size shoe I wear...all kinds of stuff. Then I heard that I'm trying to make a statement...blah blah.

I've said it many times, I'll say it again...I dress according to my mood. The end.

The rest of my outfit post of the day:
What I'm Wearing: Old Navy skirt & T; Forever21 tank & shoes (bought in the new store in NY); Coleman men's watch; NY&Co bracelet


  1. ..and the statement is "I like these shoes" LOL

    They look great! And great idea with the skirt! Very cool.

  2. I love them... It's funny because people (when I worked) said the same thing about me. It's kind of like they are pointing a finger at you for caring what you look like and putting a little thought into it, just because they didn't.

    But you can't help what people do. Shine on, you look fabulous every day.

  3. Hey girlie. I work in an office too and most of my co-workers are Banana Republic (nothing wrong with that) strictly. I like to mix office attire with something with a statement or edge like yourself.
    All I can say is do you and maybe inspire more open-mindness around you. I'm sure one day they will stop commenting and just compliment.

  4. thank you gals! I will keep doing me regardless.


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