August 11, 2010

My Mood...

Someone asked me what inspires my day to day outfits. I basically just explained to them that it totally depends on my mood. Meaning...if I feel lazy you will definitely be able to tell. You might see me in a maxi dress & flip flops, sweats, or a t-shirt and jeans (with no thought pattern behind it). If I'm feeling good and sexy, you will see me in something that shows that mood. It could be anything from skinny jeans & heels, sexy tanks, or a fitted dress.

However, my mood is usually, always 'cool'. That means you'll more than likely see me dressed very casual or I'll step it up a bit and make it a 'cute' casual.

Ever since I've been surfing the blogs, many of you inspire me. Everyone has their own style and they're being themselves. I like that, because I will always be true to who I am. I dress how I feel.

How did I feel today? Casual

What I'm Wearing: Old Navy shirt dress (tucked); NY&Co pants & watch; Shoe Land shoes

Here's me playing dress up again. I bought this jumpsuit about a month ago on sale for $10! I haven't worn it yet...mainly because I don't have the accessories & the shoes that I want to wear with it. But as soon as I find them, I am totally rockin' this! 
What I'm Wearing: Jumpsuit from Papaya; necklace my creation; Shoe Land shoes


  1. That is a great jumpsuit. I love it, and it looks good on you.

  2. that jumpsuit is hot!!!

    my mood today is lazy. i didn't come out of my pj's ;)

  3. Love the cargo pants and jumpsuit.
    And the necklace you made is so cool.

  4. That jumspuit is crazy!!! Love it!

  5. Thanks ladies! As soon as I find the right accessories....I will present the jumpsuit again!


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