August 30, 2010

So the Week Begins...

Happy Monday Everyone!

Here's the news of the days will be full, at least until October of this year. Classes, for me,(pursuing my Doctoral in Education/Educational Leadership) started today, therefore making my life even more hectic than what it already is.

Sooo, my blogging may become less during the week, but I'll try and make up for it during the weekends.

Oh! And here is my outfit of the would think it was casual Fridays. I just wasn't feeling it this morning...ya know? As I look at this photo, I notice the gap in the shirt...maybe it's my pose because looking at it now, there isn't a gap--oh well.
What I'm Wearing: Old Navy top & pants; Charlotte Russe clogs


  1. You look great. I'm trying to get brave enough to do the cuffed pants looks. I have no problem doing it with jeans so I just need to take the plunge. Love your blog. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  2. good luck with your continued studies. love your look. i hate it when my shirt gapes open. so annoying.

  3. Good luck on school!!! It seems that a lot of us in the blogworld are doing the same thing. My shirts always gap, so I refuse to do button down. lol

  4. Oh yay! Congrats on returning to school!!

    I love the outfit. :-)

  5. thank you all for the's a really tough week so far--with all that's going on in my life! whew!!

  6. how cute are those clogs? charlotte russe huh? i may have to check them out.

  7. @Simplychic- thanks! I went back to get the nude colored ones and they were sold out of both colors!!!


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