August 26, 2010

Two Dresses...One Day

Talk about having a busy day! So, my day starts off like this:

*get up at 5:40 am, enough time to get dressed and take daughter to school
*get to work at 7 am; really suppose to be there by 7:30 am
*have 8 am meeting which lasted 2 hours
*leave for lunch at 11:30 am; go home, take Levi out for a walk, grab food, head back to work
*have 1 pm meeting which lasted an hour
*handle 3 'fires' (emergencies) that occurred around 3 pm at work and lasted until 4
*leave at 4:05 pm, head to pick up daughter from friend's house
*get home, cook dinner (nothing frozen), help with homework (rather read and critique)
*take care of household bills online, exercise (25 min with Jillian Michaels), take shower, get gas for car, come back, get dressed for outing
*meet friends for quick birthday dinner at restaurant which is 10 minutes away from home; did not eat (only had a bite of the dessert); basically just showed my face and drop off gift
*head back home, get undressed (into something more comfortable)
*now on blog
What I'm Wearing: Target dress; Shoe Land shoes
This was my work attire for today.

What I'm Wearing: Kenneth Cole dress; Shoes???
This was my dinner dress for tonight.

It's funny, cause through everything I had to do, I managed to get some photos snapped! lol was everyone elses day? Was it as busy as mine?


  1. girl, I know the feeling of those kinda days! sheesh! you need a glass of wine!

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that black and white dress... I mean LOVE!

  2. that's exactly what I needed! and thank you for the compliment.

  3. i love both dresses, but especially the work one. that print and cut are fab on you!

    as stressful as being busy is for me, i kinda like it. i certainly don't want the contrary i.e. no life. but i do know how to appreciate the lazy days like today. i didn't even leave the house!

  4. Both are great dresses, but the dinner dress! Wow so visually interesting, it's like art for the body.

  5. Both dresses are beautiful!!!

  6. gorgeous dresses, but you look smokin' in that black and white one!

  7. Thank you all for the compliments. I simply loved both dresses.


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