September 16, 2010


Does anyone here watch America's Next Top Model (ANTM)? I watched an episode last night and was taken back by a couple of the models on the show. One in particular was the female who thought the world of herself, and definitely did not see anything wrong with her body---thus, leading to her being cut from the show.

She was super skinny and for some odd reason did not see the ribs and bones poking through her skin, yet thought that she was a great weight for her height. Mind you...the majority of the girls this season are about 5'11" and above. I believe the tallest girl on the show is 6'2". And don't get me wrong--there are a few girls on the show who are very thin, but they didn't look unhealthy and like they were about to pass out anytime soon.

I wondered what was going through her mind?? She said her mother liked her at 135 lbs and now she's like 110 lbs at 6'0"!!!


She kept saying she didn't see anything wrong with her body image; that when she looks in the mirror she sees a great body. I don't get it? That girl needs an intervention; something wasn't right. I hope she got help after the airing of that episode. I don't know...last night's episode was sort of disturbing.

Now for my body image outfit post of the day:
What I'm Wearing: Target top; Old Navy pants; Wild Pair oxfords; NY&Co belt

The pics below were taken at an earlier time. I've noticed how many of my pants and skirts are suddenly loose fitting. That only means that I may have to take clothes in to get altered. But it does feel good to see that. I continue to exercise and eat right but I don't kill myself in doing so. I do things in moderation and I do still eat what I like and want.
What I'm Wearing: Old Navy top; NY&Co cropped pants; American Eagle shoes; necklace from Macy's

What I'm Wearing: Old Navy top & skirt; Shoeland shoes


  1. I absolutely love this post... and I think you look great. The black and white look is my favorite.. it reminds me of Beatniks!

    I used to watch the show religiously but haven't really been keeping up for about 3 seasons now- those girls got on my nerves with all of the drama and the crying and the everything. lol.

    110 lbs is a bit too skinny for that height. Eck! Sadly enough, someone in the modeling industry would probably praise her for it

  2. That skirt is from Old Navy?? Whaaa?? I love it. Definitely my fave look... with the nude shoes?? Fab!

  3. Outfit number 1 is class black and white but I totally love how you are able to take it up a notch and give it attitude!
    I like how you were able to be casual but put together in outfit number 2.
    I love the shoes in the last pic, you totally rocked the outfit with those sassy shoes.

  4. thanks...honestly, i've been a little out of it. I just haven't been feeling like looking for clothes.

    but thank you all for your comments.

  5. this is the first season that i haven't watched, but i did see a clip of that girl. GROSS!

    the red skirt is very sexy with those heels!


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