September 12, 2010

So Long to Another Happy and Busy Weekend

I really don't like how the weekends just fly right by. It's like all that I wasn't able to complete during the week, had to be done over the weekend; thus leading to fly right by days.

However, it was still a great, happy weekend. There were a couple of events happening here in the ATL and, of course, I went to see a movie (Resident Evil).

Today, I just sat down and got some things together; preparing for the week. And also preparing for the season finale of True Blood!!!

And since I haven't really been posting as often as I like, here are just a few outfit pictures beginning on Friday.

Casual Friday @ work
H&M shirt dress-NY&Co skirt & belt-Shoeland flats

Saturday's look
H&M top-NY&Co pants-Target shoes-Necklace from Macy's

daughter's look on kills me that I spend my hard earned money to buy her clothes only for her to perform DIYs on them. These pants were once perfect looking slits or anything. geesh!!

Sunday's look
Target tank-Old Navy pants-American Eagle shoes-Necklace mine

Hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. That blue H&M top is so funky, you look great.

  2. hahaha! I see daughter is a fashionista just like mom.. hehe... she is beautiful, and of course you look great!

    Okay, so we'll have to exchange email addresses or something so we can hit up Atlantic Station together. I am sure my grace period for dragging the fiance around with me will be over VERY soon.

    Email me anytime...

  3. I love that blue shirt!!! Your daughter is gorgeous- (even though that you may disagree), I do love that she's already doing DIYs and making her own style!

  4. thank you all.

    my daughter wants to design...which is great...i just can't wait until she buys her own clothes--I bet she won't rip them up! lol

  5. i think a top with pockets is so genius!


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