October 31, 2010

Coffee Talk: Being Classy

I overheard two males and a female arguing about how trying to act classy means that you're really stuck up. That lead me to thinking...being classy is not about being stuck up; it's about having a style and taking care to be polite to others and to reflect a genuine interest in them. It's also about being confident in yourself.

It's about being knowledgable; having wit, and a sense of humor. I mean really...perceived class has little weight and value if the person behind it has not interesting thoughts, opinions, views or observations.

Being classy is about style.

It's about femininity. A classy woman is in touch with her feminine nature. Got to remember that a classy woman's mission in life is not in challenging men and competing with men wherever possible. She recognizes the differences between men and women.

Elegance also plays a pivitol role. It's about how you carry yourself; your voice; movement and body language. It's about your manner of speech; how you stand, sit, and respond to people around you.

How can I forget hygiene? I've stood next to some women that smelled as if they worked and played in a bed of onions...and wondered how can they not smell themselves??? Being classy can not coexist with dirt, bad smells and unappealing habits such as burping, spitting in public and alike.

Subtlety plays an important role as well. To be honest, I think it's one of the most important qualities of having class. You have to be subtle injust about every area of your life. What do I mean by this? Subtlety implies a degree of moderation, lack of flamboyance and lack of impulse to attract attention. A subtle woman has style, but doesn't look like a designer model; she dresses a bit sexy but does not look like a stripper when out; she puts such a small amount of perfume and make up that one can barely tell that she has any; she talks just enough but certainly not too much and tends to be on a quiet side; her laughter is pleasant to hear but not too loud; and she hardly ever swears.

Being classy means that you don't have to run around and tell everyone how smart and successful you are. This seems like you're trying to validate yourself and shows up as a sign of insecurity and lack of class in both men and women.

Last but not least...Pride...a classy woman knows how to get angry the "right" way. She doesn't go ballistic. She also knows how to walk away from a bad situation.
What I'm Wearing: Old Navy top & cargo pants; Forever21 booties


  1. Cute booties Corie.


  2. Classy is definitely all that you said!!!

    I love your shirt. ;)

  3. You are always capable of putting together great pieces. I love this look!


  4. @Dhalia--thanks girl!

    @Sunny--thank you! I know this post was a long vent...

    @Ears to the Feet--I do appreciate it!


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