October 28, 2010


Friday couldn't get here quick enough! My week started off pretty darn good, then I'm not sure what happened after Wednesday. Work was hectic, home was way too busy and my bottom wisdom teeth started to hurt.

I still don't have a costume for my friend's Halloween party on Saturday, and I need to finally take my car in to the collison place so they can give me an estimate of the damage.

I feel stressed out for some reason. I'm only hoping that by the weekend...things will become smoother.

So here's my stressed out look for the day:
What I'm Wearing: wrinkled sweater--New York and Company; necklace my creation; cargo pants are Old Navy; shoes are Shoe Land


  1. you don't look stressed at all, but I know the feeling. if it's any consolation, you look beautiful! LOVE THOSE PANTS!

  2. Thanks Eboni!! I am soooo stressed though. I can't wait until my vacation is here next month!

  3. Are those cargos a recent purchase? Still looking for some just like those that fit me right.
    I'm getting my upper wisdom out tomorrow, good riddance, such a pain.


  4. @Sing--Thanks for the comment girl! the cargo pants are on sale now for $19 at old navy.

  5. I really love this look Corie...ALL of it.



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