October 24, 2010

Still Celebrating...

Tomorrow I will turn 38! I'm so stoked. I've had, thus far, a very blessed life. My family stands behind me no matter what; I have a lovely daughter; and most importantly, I'm thankful to be in good health.

I went out last night with friends, and started off with the outfit (sweater) below...

But ended up wearing this thrifted blouse instead.
What I'm Wearing: 1st pic is a NY&Co sweater & Forever21 booties; white blouse thrifted; H&M faux leather pants; Shoe Land heels


  1. Work girl. You look great at 38! Love the going out fit, I need those pants!


  2. 38?! you are looking good, my dear. i am in awe of your hair- that style is divine. i had it off/on for years, and it never looked that good on me.
    how pretty you look in the white poet blouse and black pants!
    thanks for your lovely comments on style odyssey.

  3. Right Candice....Corie is working those pants. :-)

    You look great...love that mustard top.


  4. Thank you Sing, Style Odyssey & Dhalia! I feel great! Thanks for your wonderful comments :)

  5. gorgeous! just in case I don't get to go online tomorrow...wishing you a happy, happy birthday! :)

  6. Happy Early Birthday!!! You're working those pants! Did your daughter get her jacket too?

  7. First off HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ms. Lady. Hope you enjoy your special day. It's truly a blessing to see another year come full circle.

    As for your look... you look hawt! You better WERK (and give me those shoes).

    Have fun!


  8. Love the contrast between hard and soft in this look - what a great birthday celebration outfit! Happy belated birthday!

  9. I hope you enjoyed your birthday. I absolutely love those shoes. Forever 21 forreal? Stop the madness. Love the pants with the yellow top. Very chic.

  10. That yellow shirt is HAAWWWT!!! you are rockin that birthday outfit.
    Mrs Hall In Training

  11. Well 38?? you look great. I love both tops but my favorite is the yellow and the shoes are fab.
    Happy Birthday.


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