October 3, 2010

Daily Outfit:What a Weekend!

What I'm Wearing: Converse top; New York & Co jeans

Hello there!
What a weekend here in Atlanta. So much was going on and actually still is; the BET Hip Hop Awards yesterday (which meant lots of parties &; the parties are still in effect), the Atlanta BBQ festival at Atlantic Station, the college games, and the Braves were playing.

So what did I do? On Friday, I went out with a couple girls I haven't seen in like forever, to a club called Bella. What a great club! Free valet parking, great people at the door...It's a split level club with a DJ upstairs as well as downstairs. The upstairs had a small dance floor with the bar in the middle, but there was also this beautiful balcony layout. It was great to have it open considering it was so nice outside. Downstairs had a bigger dance floor; but they had the go go dancers doing their thang! Umm and they were making money too!

Even though it started off kinda slow. By the time we all decided to leave the club, there had to be over 1000 people there. I know the goal was to reach 2000, I think they made that.

And this is what I wore:
What I'm Wearing: H&M shirt dress; NY&Co leggings

Then on Saturday...
During the day, my daughter and I went to Atlantic Station for the Atlanta BBQ festival. There was great bbq (I only eat chicken), the cooks (from various restaurants) were showing off their bbq techniques, there was a competition going on for the best bbq/best sauce....it was all so fun and filling --yum!

We also shopped around a bit. H&M was having there 10 year anniversary sale going on. We found some pretty great deals. Lots of the stuff was picked over, but we still managed to leave with some really good finds.

And I was pretty relaxed for our day out on Saturday:
What I'm Wearing: Top from 579 ($5); Levi's from Macy's ($18)

Saturday night was hanging out with more friends, it was BET Awards weekend so we attended a couple of parties. Pretty nice I might say.

I decided to wear this:
What I'm Wearing: H&M dress; Shoe Land shoes

Then today, I had taken my daughter to the movies to see The Social Network. What an awesome movie! If you haven't seen it, you should go! I also had to take Levi to get groomed; he's so handsome now. I wish I had a good pic of him today but he was not with that picture taking this time :-(

That's about it. Now it's time to look over some school work and just chill out.

What did you guys do this weekend? Did you have any big plans?


  1. I love them all especially your 2nd pic!!! Beautiful!!!

  2. Cute fits. Love the top from 5 7 9.


  3. o how i miss atlanta. such a great city!!!!

    can i just tell you that you look beautiful in that olive dress???!!! the belt is a PERFECT touch! love it.

  4. What a great weekend! Sounds like you had a blast. And I LOVE that top from 579!!


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