November 29, 2010

NY Trip Part 1

Here are just some photos upon our arrival to New York.

My daughter and I were looking for a specific store but found Bad Boy Entertainment instead! Nope--didn't see Diddy.

 I kid you not---we were at this store almost everyday. And it seemed as if they had something new out on the floor each day.

My daughter in front of Uncle Jack's Steakhouse. This is her favorite steakhouse restaurant in NY.

My daughter and her BFF Ezra. Ezra's mom actually lives in Brooklyn and she was in NY visiting her mom. The pic was taken at Bryant Park. We were all about to go ice skating--and what a blast we all had!!

This is what I wore for our dinner at Uncle Jack's Steakhouse.
Forever21 top & shoes; H&M pants; NY&Co clutch

This is what my daughter wore.

We were inside Madame Tussauds...again.

Me and Biggie.

And my gal pal Oprah.

My daughter and Marilyn Monroe.

How about they have a Pop Tart World in Time Square!!!

More to come...


  1. Your going out to dinner outfit is just sharp! That blouse is gorg.

  2. gorgeous pics!!! Seriously, you and your daughter are to fashion forward for words!

  3. as many times as i've been to NY, i feel like you've experienced so much more of it than i have. lol! glad you guys had a great trip. i'm going to yelp that restaurant. i'm on the hunt for a place to have a NYE dinner in NYC.

    o and your dinner outfit is fierce!

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  4. thank you all for the comments! honestly, after looking at all of the pics we'd taken...I noticed that I don't have many outfit shots. but we still had a great time!

  5. That blouse with the birds is lovely.


  6. Okay, you all are just too fabulous! Looks like you had a ton of fun. I haven't been to NY in a couple years. I think it's time for a trip!

  7. Love the pics! Looks like you guys had a blast! You are making me want to plan a weekend trip to NYC!

  8. thank you!

    We had tons of fun and look forward to returning.


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