November 7, 2010

Ummm...Fall, Where Did You Go?

The weather has been nothing but a surprise each day. For the past few days, we've been waking up to 30 degree temperatures! Even though it warms up to a modest 50 or so, that 30 degree wake up temp is not acceptable right now. But here's the catcher--this week, we should see low 70 degree temps. So I guess fall hasn't completely disappeared. This weather just leaves me thinking that I need a winter wardrobe--my pockets are laughing!!

Anyway, I hope all of you had a great weekend. Here are some outfit photos from this weekend...
What I'm Wearing: H&M sweater and leggings; Charlotte Russe boots; Fossil watch
When: Friday, November 5
Where: Work

What I'm Wearing: New York and Company jacket; Charlotte Russe T; The Shoe Dept boots; Old Navy cargos; Necklace??
When: Saturday, November 6
Where: Home - Weekend Errands

What I'm Wearing: Old Navy faux fur reversible vest (like 5 years old); H&M tunic; Forever21 tank; New York and Co jeans & belt; Charlotte Russe boots; Necklace from Macy's
When: Today, November 7
Where: Running Errands


  1. Giirrrl, my pockets told me not to even THINK about a winter wardrobe that isn't already hanging in my closet. I am pretty sure that I am going to be able to squeeze a few dollars into a few necessities for the purpose of warmth since I've never actually lived in a climate that required "real" winter clothes, but my shopping budget is minuscule!

    Anyway, I love your stripes and tan boots combo!! It's my fave of all the looks, but as usual you look fabulous in all of them :)

  2. Thanks Eboni! I think my pockets are going to have to give in when I make my trip to NY next week.

  3. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! lovin' those boots, btw :)

  4. Great fits. We've had some crazy weather ups and downs too. Over the weekend, cold, now it's supposed to be upper 60's.

  5. i am LOVING your fall looks. so chic... particularly the navy ensemble with the fur vest.

    and are those navy leggings in the first picture? hmmmmmmm, i am definitely getting a pair.

  6. thank you all! the weather was quite nice today! not that cold at all! lovin it!


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