February 26, 2010

Feeling Better...

Even though I worked from home today, I feel a lot better now. Just looking forward to the weekend.

NY&Co blazer; Target T & belt; Marshall's jeans; shoes??

My daughter has decided to get back into the practice of drawing. She used to draw a lot when she was much younger, but the lack of focus came when she discovered cheerleading, student council, beta club, guitar lessons, MTV, modeling and the iPod.

I guess now she'll want to take classes...

...definitely won't be a surprise, she's always interested in something.

February 24, 2010

Under the Weather .....again

So I was feeling a little under the weather today. It's not like I had a cough, sneeze or even a runny nose...I just felt very light-headed (almost sick to my stomach). I actually had taken a 1/2 sick day because I just couldn't get through the day. But before I left , I had to snap a couple of pics of my co-worker, Enobong. She was so stylin today; not that she isn't stylish everyday, but today it must've been the brown and black combination I liked so much.  Here she is-- Here are her shoes instead...she stated that she felt weird seeing her pic online...

and take a closer look of the shoes!

And here's my lookbook before I called it a day:

Target v-neck T; MaxRave blazer; JCPenny cropped pant; The Shoe Dept boots

February 17, 2010

Coffee Talk: At 14???

Ok, so I just found out from a friend, that her teenage (14 year old) daughter is pregnant. My mouth flew open and I was speechless. My daughter is 15 years old...she's at the point where boys are starting to look cute to her now...but she considers herself a very goofy, geeky, uncoordinated type of girl who just isn't into boys just yet...whew!

What do you do when your young teenage child comes up to you and says they're pregnant or they got someone pregnant? I wouldn't even know what to say or think (outside of me knowing I'd probably catch a case)...I'd be sooo shocked to even hear something like that. Now, my daughter and I have talks, but there are some teens out there who will always mimic their friends and peers. I can only hope that the communication between me and my daughter will continue and that she will continue to think about other things than boys and sex.

As for my friend, she's very hurt and stumped. I couldn't even think of what advice to give her...which is unusual for me. I just believe this is something she and her daughter will have to get through together. So young...

I wasn't even thinking about boys or sex at 14 years old. I was too busy wrestling them...I was competitive; I always thought that whatever they could do...I could do better whether it was track & field, music, school work, it didn't matter. I always tried to outdo them; not try and have sex with them. I don't get it...

My lookbook for today:

H&M sweater; Old Navy skirt; JCPenny hose

February 14, 2010

A Beautiful Day

What a beautiful day today! Snow melted...sun out...warmer than yesterday...what more could I ask for?
This pic with me sitting on a bench was taken at Atlantic Station. We were waiting for our buzzer thingy to go off so we could eat (Copeland's Cheesecake Bistro). And, how yummy the food was!

Leather jacket: Wilsons (I think); black v-neck sweater: George for Walmart; long black sweater: JCPenney; jeans: NY&Co; Boots: The Shoe Dept.; hat & bag: H&M

I had a good day today. I hope you all did as well.
Happy Valentine's Day

These photos were taken yesterday...I was on my way out to the Mall of Georgia...specifically to the Godiva store.

MaxRave blazer; Target v-neck T; Old Navy painter jeans

February 10, 2010

No Words...

I honestly do not have anything to blog about today...however, I was still able to post up what I wore today. Take care! ~Corie
George sweater from Walmart; houndstooth skirt from Target; black tights from Target