March 31, 2010

Hello Spring!

Old Navy blouse; Target skirt & shoes from like 3 years ago??

Outside - gorgeous again....but this time with much pollen in the air
At the Job - extremely busy and cold....again
At Home - relaxing, loving as always
My Mood - would have been great, but I see that Spring is definitely here. I can't stop rubbing my eyes & nose, and can't keep from feeling so tired. I truly wanted Spring to get here...I just forgot about everything that comes with it - pollen.
My Outfit - I looked more polished, alert and put together earlier in the day. My allergies have taken over. And my outfit was all wrinkles.

March 26, 2010

Happy Friday!

It seemed like a very long and exhausting week - but it's Friday and the weekend ...time for fun, food, relaxation, and more fun!

Hope you all have a great weekend!!

Today my attitude was, as always, casual - no stress - and my clothing reflected that.
NY&Co Jacket & Pants; Shoeland Shoes

H&M Sweater

closer look at the shoes - which were super comfy!

March 24, 2010

Coffee Talk: Facebook...

Yes... I'm on Facebook and no I do not accept every friendship that comes along my way. Why? What if we weren't really good friends in the past? What if we couldn't stand each other - and - when we ran into each other we still didn't speak?

I have friends who nearly lose sleep wondering if they should accept a friend request or ignore it. For what? See here's my thing...I will not accept a co-worker's request (well I have accepted 1); simply because I separate my professional life from my personal life. I do not get on Facebook from work (not anymore) because ... I can simply wait until I get off work, besides I'm not on it often. If you were not a friend of mine back in the day...that possibly means that we're not friends now so I more than likely will not accept your friend request.

Why is my friend having issues? She feels as though she's offending the person who requested the friendship. I asked her a series of questions and all of her answers were negative. I felt that she answered her own initial question which was if she should accept a friend request from an enemy from back in the day. But I don't know...that's me. If we didn't like each other from the beginning and still don't when we see each other out, why then accept a friend request on Facebook???

What do you guys think?

Anyway, I had a wonderful was gorgeous outside (really hate that rain is coming our way)...and I got so many things accomplished. Here's what I attitude was casual ...casual...casual

forgot to take the keys out of my pocket
Target cardi; NY&Co cropped pinstriped pants (can barely see); Wild Pair shoes

March 18, 2010

Rip the Runway....sort of

I'm going to nix the bucket list for this post. Tonight I went to my daughter's high school's fashion show. I had a lot of fun. It was waaaay better than the one they had last year; but still room for improvements. The show started off with a scene called the Berkmar Video Music Awards. Each model ripped the runway showing all of the stylish formal dresses for special events - like prom.

Then there were a couple of performances from the school's dance team, and some of the school's upper class performers (singers). Very nice...

The next scene had to do with Alice Trapped in Wonderland. All of the dresses in this scene were designed by a senior named Brittani Bumb...every outfit. I thought she did a pretty good job on all of the dresses. Here are just some of the ones I could catch on camera:

Here is the dress she designed for my daughter - kind of hard to see but the dress was made of glass

The last scene was a tribute to Michael Jackson. It was pretty cool as the high school's dance class did the dance moves from the Thriller video. After the dance - more fashion was on the way.

Overall it was pretty fun. I just had to remember that it was a high school event. But everyone did a great job.

And this is what I wore to the event:

Delia's T-shirt; JCPenney's sweater; NY&Co cropped pants & belt; again another necklace I created with thanks to Love Maegan

Here's my daughter after the show (white high waist pants) - on stage, and, outside of the school as we were on our way to the car...headed for home

Well, that's all I have...tomorrow is my daughter's birthday so I may be M.I.A.

But I hope everyone have a happy Friday!

March 4, 2010


sweater: George for WalMart; Old Navy skirt from like 3 years ago; shoes: Aldo; necklace: So Good

"Life's challenges are not supposed to paralyze you, they're supposed to help you discover who you are." Bernice Johnson Reagon

Everytime I challenge myself, I meet a new part of me.

Happy Thursday!

March 3, 2010

Coffee Talk: Blogging...

So this is sort of a piggy back response to a blog that Christina from Second Skin posted yesterday. To make it short; she basically put out a series of questions...why is blogging so interesting? "Is it because of social validation? Artistic expression?..."

The comment I left was that I blog because I want to, I like it, and it's sort of an online diary for me. Definitely more fun and interesting than writing in a book. I look at and read other blogs because I enjoy reading them...looking at everyone's individual style; what goes on their lives.  I love that we're all unique. And, it's a great feeling to meet new people.....blogging!

Her blog post was reminiscent of a post I made not too long ago. It was the one where an associate asked me why I blog and post pictures of myself...blah blah blah...

For those who know me, and are around me often, can assure you that I don't care what people think about me, or how they see me. I don't blog for self validation...I like who I am and what I wear. I didn't see anything wrong with posting photos of myself or my dog or my daughter....

This is me; this is who I am. I'm sharing my experiences with you all. The posting of the photos is just a reflection of how I was feeling that particular day (usually I feel good everyday). I bargain shop and I wear clothes that look right for my body type and size. I don't wear fancy, expensive items...I put together an outfit based on how I feel.

I thought Christina's blog was very interesting. You all should read it. Makes you think...

This is what I wore today...I dressed more relaxed for work (no heels). And because I've been sticking to an exercising pants do not fit like they use to (that's a good thing!):

sweater: NY&Co for $7.99; black pants: Old Navy; oxfords: Wild Pair; bag: H&M; watch: Fossil