April 28, 2010

Coffee Talk: Becoming a Veggie...

Old Navy T and cropped pants; Wild Pair oxfords; necklace?? NY&Co belt

I have been contemplating becoming a full vegetarian for awhile now. I know that it would be a slow process for me considering I love dairy, chicken, fish, and leather items. Back in 2005 I stopped eating beef...cold turkey (haven't looked back since). I've never really eaten pork...I think I stopped eating certain pork products -  late teens maybe. However, I love dairy - ice cream, and cheeses. I never drink milk...it grosses me out; and I love poultry. So what is a girl to do?

Why do I want to become a vegetarian? It's a personal decision. Doesn't have to deal with any health issues or anything like that. I won't get into really...some people loathe the word 'vegetarian' and don't understand why an individual would want to go that route. Sensitive subject I guess...

Like I've said, it is going to be a slow process. I've already given up beef and I don't eat pork. I rarely eat chicken now (by choice), and I haven't eaten ice cream in about 2 months. Although the hardest part of this process is giving up cheese. Mmmm cheese.

I'm on that path .... time will tell

April 27, 2010

America's Next Top Model???

My daughter wanted to do a photo shoot around the home front...it turned out to be super fun!! The 1st dress is a vintage looking dress we purchased from ForeverXXI and the 2nd dress was made by a student at her high school. The same girl who made the glass dress for her.

She's sooo hoping that ANTM will still be running by the time she turns 18 - it's one of her favorite shows. She practices her poses as much as possible. Guess we'll see...

April 24, 2010


So last night I went to my daughter's high school for their last dance performance of the school year. It was wonderful. I'm so proud of her. She did very well, as did the other kids. Enjoy!

My daughter is the one with the pink streaks of hair

Tupac/Aaliyah Dance from Corie M on Vimeo.

Selena Performance from Corie M on Vimeo.

April 11, 2010

I'm Back!!

My daugher and I have made it back from our little trip to Florida. Where in Florida you ask? Jacksonville. See..we plan on going to Miami for Memorial Day weekend. Tampa was just out of the question. Daytona would have been far too crowded. Panama City ... has been decided we'll do that another time. Then there was Jacksonville. It was nice, peaceful, relaxing and fun at the same time! We all truly enjoyed ourselves...including Levi.

When we first arrived, we went to our hotel to drop Levi off then straight to Jax Beach.

As you can see, dogs are only allowed before 9 am and after 5 pm. We got there around 1 pm so we had to leave Levi at the hotel.

Here's my daughter getting ready to head to the water
And she's in!

I relaxed while she was out there. I was exhausted from driving.
Here's the whole outfit...simple and comfy (Old Navy leggings & flip flops; NY&Co shirt)

Here are some random pics taken, by my daughter on our way to downtown Jax. Very small but nice place.
This is the train station. If you look closely, you'll be able to see the train (upper left)

This is their trolley, apparently you can ride for free!

So the next day we decided to get up and drive to St. Augustine, with Levi, to tour the historic district. How fun and amazing.

First stop was Ripley's Believe it or Not! We weren't able to go inside because of the NO DOGS ALLOWED policy. So here's my daughter (taken on the side of the building).
Here's the building (again from the side)

Our next stop was the Castillo de San Marcos. This is how it looks if you were up in the air (photo taken from post card).

And these are the pics I had taken from my view. We weren't able to go inside because we had Levi, but we could take all of the pics we wanted outside.

Here I am

Here's my Levi

The marina view

Next was the walk over to the oldest school house
Pics of the inside (classroom)

Pics of the kitchen
Posted up inside the school ...

Off to the Privy we went...
My daughter's face is speechless
It was my turn...I so did not even want to sit down!
The Privy

Last stop was the Oldest Drug Store
It was cool because when you first walk in there's all this old stuff, including cash registers and old medicine in their original form and packaging. The other side was a real store selling homemade beauty products and teas.

Later on that night we went to dinner at a place called Wasabi. We also have one here in Atlanta but never gone. It was quite good. My daughter had taken a pic of her plate. I would have taken a pic of mine but by the time I got my chicken ...just about all of veggies and rice were gone! She saved her food just so she could take a pic. Trust me...that food disappeared right after.

The next day we went to a shopping area called the St John's Town Center. There is where my daughter found love....all over again
Urban Outfitters...one of her most favorite stores...
Louis Vuitton...her next favorite

Here she is practically running to her next most favorite store...Juicy Couture
Where she decide to buy $25 pony tail holders!!! and some purfume (she totally lost her mind!!)

I really wanted to go to the Alligator farm but we had Levi...it was pretty much a given not to take him. Maybe next time without Levi...

Well that concludes our trip. We made it back safely and look forward to our next trip to Miami!

How was everyones weekend?