May 24, 2010

"I'm tough, ambitious, and I know exactly what I want.

If that makes me a bitch...okay." ~Madonna

Love Madonna, love the's all good! Happy Monday!

Target top; H&M skirt; Shoe Land shoes

May 23, 2010

Decision Made...

Jc Penny T; jeggings are from Marshalls; Baker's shoes & bag

I made the decision, on Friday, to keep my hair black. I'll think about changing the color in the near future. I'm content with black so...there's really no need to change it right now.

Now for my weekend. The outfit above it what I actually wore on Saturday. It was movie night and, no I didn't go see Shrek, instead I went to see Letters to Juliet. I loved it! For the record, I'm not all for the mushy, lovey dovey movies...I like drama, action, comedy, and horror. Letters to Juliet, however, was a very romantic movie; like a classic, old-fashioned romance. I loved the scenery; it was beautiful, and much of the movie was taken place in Verona, Italy.

Good movie to go see.
Hope you all had a great weekend!

May 8, 2010

Another Photoshoot...

So this afternoon my daughter got a free makeover with one of the makeup artists from Napoleon Perdis at Ulta. What gorgeous work! I requested a more natural look since she's only 16...and they couldn't wait to start working on her. She couldn't wait to get home to throw on something to wear and take pics. And...I guess I couldn't wait to get home to take the pics :-) The end product:
dress from Marshalls

What did I wear today?? This...
Target T; NY&Co cropped pants

Casual as always!
Now we're off to see Iron Man 2...
~Take Care!