August 30, 2010

So the Week Begins...

Happy Monday Everyone!

Here's the news of the days will be full, at least until October of this year. Classes, for me,(pursuing my Doctoral in Education/Educational Leadership) started today, therefore making my life even more hectic than what it already is.

Sooo, my blogging may become less during the week, but I'll try and make up for it during the weekends.

Oh! And here is my outfit of the would think it was casual Fridays. I just wasn't feeling it this morning...ya know? As I look at this photo, I notice the gap in the shirt...maybe it's my pose because looking at it now, there isn't a gap--oh well.
What I'm Wearing: Old Navy top & pants; Charlotte Russe clogs

August 29, 2010

Beautiful Days Ahead...

The weather has begun to change....slightly. I love 85 degree, breezy & less humid days; I love the 70's more, however, I'll take what we're getting presently. My weekend was wonderful! I honestly didn't have much to do & the weather was complaints.

I had taken my daughter to go see the movie Takers this weekend and it wasn't so bad. Lots of action and good looking men! After that....we chilled at home. It was a relaxing weekend...I loved it!

Here's how relaxed I was on Saturday:
What I'm Wearing: Old Navy tunic; Forever21 tank; NY&Co pants; Shoe Land shoes
So how did you spend your weekend? I wanna hear!

August 26, 2010

Two Dresses...One Day

Talk about having a busy day! So, my day starts off like this:

*get up at 5:40 am, enough time to get dressed and take daughter to school
*get to work at 7 am; really suppose to be there by 7:30 am
*have 8 am meeting which lasted 2 hours
*leave for lunch at 11:30 am; go home, take Levi out for a walk, grab food, head back to work
*have 1 pm meeting which lasted an hour
*handle 3 'fires' (emergencies) that occurred around 3 pm at work and lasted until 4
*leave at 4:05 pm, head to pick up daughter from friend's house
*get home, cook dinner (nothing frozen), help with homework (rather read and critique)
*take care of household bills online, exercise (25 min with Jillian Michaels), take shower, get gas for car, come back, get dressed for outing
*meet friends for quick birthday dinner at restaurant which is 10 minutes away from home; did not eat (only had a bite of the dessert); basically just showed my face and drop off gift
*head back home, get undressed (into something more comfortable)
*now on blog
What I'm Wearing: Target dress; Shoe Land shoes
This was my work attire for today.

What I'm Wearing: Kenneth Cole dress; Shoes???
This was my dinner dress for tonight.

It's funny, cause through everything I had to do, I managed to get some photos snapped! lol was everyone elses day? Was it as busy as mine?

August 25, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Pieces...

Yeah, there was a slight dilemma this morning on which shoes I should wear with my dress. So, I wore them both! lol

I wore the boots earlier this morning; also carried my sweater due to the forever chill in the air at work, and I changed into my sandals by the afternoon. (It's funny because I changed up the jewelry and the hair as

I just couldn't decide because I love both pair. I think they both worked!
What I'm Wearing: Target dress; NY&Co belt; H&M cardi; Forever21 boots; Shoe Land sandals; Fossil watch

August 23, 2010

Daily Outfit:Maturity, Security, Dependability, Warmth, Danger, Mysterious...

Yep, those are some of the meanings (symbols) for the colors I am wearing today. (Grey, Black & Red)
What I'm Wearing: Calvin Klein top; H&M skirt; Shoe Land heels; NY&Co bracelet
It was basically a typical Monday; a day where there were 'fires' everywhere around the work place. In other words...I was stupid busy!!!

I stayed glued to my desk chair (as you can tell from the wrinkles), and my eyes started to cross from staring at the PC all day. But, I'm happy the day is over!

Time to relax...wait! I have to exercise...grrr. I'll relax afterwards.

How was everyone's Monday today?

August 22, 2010

There isn't enough time in a day...

Hi all! I've been so busy the last few days that it's ridiculous! My daughter had a few events to attend, I had a few places to whole Saturday was booked! I was kind of hoping I could get a break this weekend--you know, some ME time.

Anyway, I haven't posted anything for a few days (including outfits) so here you go! 1st up my casual Friday look for work:
What I'm Wearing: Polo, Ralph Lauren Sport; Old Navy pants; Blowfish shoes

My casual Saturday look for running errands and going to certain events:
What I'm Wearing: New York & Co lace tank & jeggings; H&M tank & vest; Aldo clogs

My Sunday look:
What I'm Wearing: Target tank; H&M jean vest; Old Navy cropped pants; Bakers shoes; Necklace my creation

Now I'm off to watch True Blood! Until tomorrow...

August 18, 2010

So Much Talent ...

So there's a woman named Marisa, who has a blog called New Dress A Day. What she's doing is taking 365 unattractive, thrifty dresses, and for $365, turning them into something more fashion forward. I only wish I could sew! This girl is incredible. You have to check out her blog and take a look at some of these garments she's turned into very cool items to wear.

I've noticed that there are many talented bloggers out there who create their own articles of clothing & it's so easy for them. Take for instance Manecoarse. This woman is seriously talented! She creates the most incredible pieces and makes it all seem so simple.  Below is just one of her most beautiful pieces; which is also one of my favorites.

Then there's Kimberlee from Kim's Kouture. Another talented individual. I love the pieces she makes...she even made some shorts and they were too cute! Here is one of her articles of beauty below:

Then we have Gold, again another extremely talented woman. I love all of her classic garments. I even loved this girl's dress she made for her cute!

And there are sooo many more talented individuals out there....I thought about adding them all on this post--but that would have been crazy!

It's funny cause all I can do is sew a button on something, and I can barely do that well.

Anyway, my creative outfit for today was taking a shirt dress (literally it comes down to my knees) and tucking it in my pants! There you have it! 
What I'm Wearing: NY&Co shirt dress; pants from JCPenney's; Shoe Land shoes

August 16, 2010

I Swear They Don't Hurt...

I admit, I dress waaayyy differently from a lot of my co-workers. Many are either much older than I am, and think nothing of fashion what so ever; and the rest are my age or younger, but may have 2+ kids in the home -- so clothing items/fashion isn't a thought & they will tell you that.

Therefore when I come in to work, I'm the odd ball. But like I've said many times, I dress how I feel. I also made the statement that I'm not a fashionista -- stylista...whatever you want to call it. People at my job think so. (rolling my eyes..smh)

So when I came in to work today, wearing these shoes...
all eyes were on me.
The most comfortable shoes ever!

I was asked questions like if they hurt my feet--what size shoe I wear...all kinds of stuff. Then I heard that I'm trying to make a statement...blah blah.

I've said it many times, I'll say it again...I dress according to my mood. The end.

The rest of my outfit post of the day:
What I'm Wearing: Old Navy skirt & T; Forever21 tank & shoes (bought in the new store in NY); Coleman men's watch; NY&Co bracelet

August 14, 2010

Dreary Day...

It's humid, not quite as hot, and it's dreary. The rain will the meantime, I will make the best of it. I hope you all have a great Saturday!
What I'm Wearing: NY&Co top, tank, & leggings; Payless sandals; necklace my creation; Fossil watch

August 11, 2010

My Mood...

Someone asked me what inspires my day to day outfits. I basically just explained to them that it totally depends on my mood. Meaning...if I feel lazy you will definitely be able to tell. You might see me in a maxi dress & flip flops, sweats, or a t-shirt and jeans (with no thought pattern behind it). If I'm feeling good and sexy, you will see me in something that shows that mood. It could be anything from skinny jeans & heels, sexy tanks, or a fitted dress.

However, my mood is usually, always 'cool'. That means you'll more than likely see me dressed very casual or I'll step it up a bit and make it a 'cute' casual.

Ever since I've been surfing the blogs, many of you inspire me. Everyone has their own style and they're being themselves. I like that, because I will always be true to who I am. I dress how I feel.

How did I feel today? Casual

What I'm Wearing: Old Navy shirt dress (tucked); NY&Co pants & watch; Shoe Land shoes

Here's me playing dress up again. I bought this jumpsuit about a month ago on sale for $10! I haven't worn it yet...mainly because I don't have the accessories & the shoes that I want to wear with it. But as soon as I find them, I am totally rockin' this! 
What I'm Wearing: Jumpsuit from Papaya; necklace my creation; Shoe Land shoes

August 9, 2010

It's a Monday...

I'm not totally crazy...I did take off the cardi. I only had it on because it was sooooo cold in our office building.

August 8, 2010

Coffee Talk: Go Green...

What I'm Wearing: Old Navy top; NY&Co jeans; MissMatched flip flops

This has been the talk around the home for months now. Today, my daughter and I were actually organizing to become more 'green'. What are we doing? We've started to recycle more; paper, bottles, cans, etc...

We've stopped running water while brushing our teeth and our showers have become shorter. Also, our TV is turned off when we're not watching it. We've also changed the type of light bulbs we use; changed all of our regular power strips to 'smart' power strips; clothes are washed in cold water (when possible); and we donated/recycled a lot of electronics we are currently not using.

It's going to be a long process, but we'll get there. There's a lot more to do in order to become green. However, I feel it's worth it.

Are any of you out there going green, or are already green?

August 7, 2010

Hair Show Weekend!

I will not be participating in any of the hair show events (Bronner Brothers) being held this weekend...however, I can tell you that downtown, midtown, and the buckhead area are crazy!!!

Lots of people are here, which means hectic driving conditions. As if we need to add more traffic to a city which already has hectic driving conditions on an everyday basis.  

I will, instead, chill out with my daughter this weekend. We'll catch a movie (Step up 3D) and maybe grab some food. It's too hot to be outside and too crazy to be anywhere downtown.

What are you all doing this weekend?

Outfit of the day:
What I'm Wearing: JCPenney's top, NY&Co jeans, Shoes from Burlington Coat Factory

Have a great weekend!

August 5, 2010

School is About to Start! YAY!

My daughter starts school on Monday. I can't wait! Even though we did have a busy and exciting Summer, she still walked around talking about how bored she was. Every single time she said those words, it drove me crazy!

Anyway, today was orientation at her new high school. The school is set up like a mini junior college campus or something. They have 6 buildings ... or 7, can't remember, and the buildings are huge.

Her biggest worry is making friends. I told her to just be herself.

Summer will officially be over for Georgia students on August 9th. What a good Summer it was.

My outfit of the day was casual. I knew that I was leaving work early so that I could take my daughter to her orientation, therefore I didn't try too hard in finding a really good outfit to wear.

August 2, 2010

Daily Outfit:Monday...

Happy Monday to all of you!
For me it was a very typical, busy Monday. I will not complain about work...I'm busy...therefore we call it job security. I will not complain about home...I love being a mother to both my daughter and Levi.

Until Tomorrow...Have a great rest of the day!

What I'm Wearing: Top by Bitten, Skirt from Burlington Coat Factory years ago, Shoes from Shoe Land, Belt??