October 31, 2010

Coffee Talk: Being Classy

I overheard two males and a female arguing about how trying to act classy means that you're really stuck up. That lead me to thinking...being classy is not about being stuck up; it's about having a style and taking care to be polite to others and to reflect a genuine interest in them. It's also about being confident in yourself.

It's about being knowledgable; having wit, and a sense of humor. I mean really...perceived class has little weight and value if the person behind it has not interesting thoughts, opinions, views or observations.

Being classy is about style.

It's about femininity. A classy woman is in touch with her feminine nature. Got to remember that a classy woman's mission in life is not in challenging men and competing with men wherever possible. She recognizes the differences between men and women.

Elegance also plays a pivitol role. It's about how you carry yourself; your voice; movement and body language. It's about your manner of speech; how you stand, sit, and respond to people around you.

How can I forget hygiene? I've stood next to some women that smelled as if they worked and played in a bed of onions...and wondered how can they not smell themselves??? Being classy can not coexist with dirt, bad smells and unappealing habits such as burping, spitting in public and alike.

Subtlety plays an important role as well. To be honest, I think it's one of the most important qualities of having class. You have to be subtle injust about every area of your life. What do I mean by this? Subtlety implies a degree of moderation, lack of flamboyance and lack of impulse to attract attention. A subtle woman has style, but doesn't look like a designer model; she dresses a bit sexy but does not look like a stripper when out; she puts such a small amount of perfume and make up that one can barely tell that she has any; she talks just enough but certainly not too much and tends to be on a quiet side; her laughter is pleasant to hear but not too loud; and she hardly ever swears.

Being classy means that you don't have to run around and tell everyone how smart and successful you are. This seems like you're trying to validate yourself and shows up as a sign of insecurity and lack of class in both men and women.

Last but not least...Pride...a classy woman knows how to get angry the "right" way. She doesn't go ballistic. She also knows how to walk away from a bad situation.
What I'm Wearing: Old Navy top & cargo pants; Forever21 booties

October 29, 2010

October 24, 2010

Still Celebrating...

Tomorrow I will turn 38! I'm so stoked. I've had, thus far, a very blessed life. My family stands behind me no matter what; I have a lovely daughter; and most importantly, I'm thankful to be in good health.

I went out last night with friends, and started off with the outfit (sweater) below...

But ended up wearing this thrifted blouse instead.
What I'm Wearing: 1st pic is a NY&Co sweater & Forever21 booties; white blouse thrifted; H&M faux leather pants; Shoe Land heels

October 12, 2010

Oh Charlie!

Ok so how come I'm the last to know about Charming Charlie?! This wondrous land of accessories was a delight to come across. Apparently the store just opened up at the Mall of Georgia about a week ago. I went in the store the other day and all I heard (in my head) as I walked inside the doors was this glorious singing.

This store is amazing. I did purchase a few items but had to remember to restrain myself...I have a trip coming up soon and will need the money. I did get this cool leather cuff ($13) though. I also bought some sunnies and my daughter a cute ring.

Now for my blog nominations...
Remember in my last blog entry I stated that I received a blog award from Fashion du Jour.

The rules are to tell you 7 things you didn't know about me and to nominate 15 wonderful bloggers. Here are the 7 things you don't know about me:

1. I was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI

2. I have 2 more years before I turn the big 40!

3. I am the only child, therefore I have no sisters or brothers to rave about.

4. I have an obsession with collecting paper (pads, loose leaf, journals, etc...)

5. My favorite past time is playing the PC version of the Sims 2.

6. My natural hair color is a light sandy brown.

7. I use to be a cheerleader from like 1st grade thru 8th; and I was a trackstar in high school.

And the 15 bloggers I'd like to pass this award to are:

Well that does it for now! Hope you all have a wonderful night.

What I'm Wearing: Old Navy top; Urban Outfitters skirt
When: Monday for work

What I'm Wearing: Old Navy blouse; H&M skirt; American Eagle shoes
When: today for work

October 10, 2010

I Apologize...

I know I've been MIA--but I think I've explained why it'll be this way for awhile. Most of you know that I'm in school, and this takes up a lot of my time. However, I've managed to get online at least once Mon-Fri; and I get on every weekend.

Soooo a lot has been going on. I've been invited to a Halloween costume party on October 30th and I have no clue as to what my costume should be. I won't be able to get into the party without a costume :(

If any of you have ideas for me....please shoot them my way!
On another note--I went to an exhibit (in Atlantic Station) called Dialog in the Dark. Have any of you heard of this exhibit? It is amazing! What happens is when you get to the exhibit you're asked to grab a cane (chest length--they explain why); escorted to a room to hear the rules; escorted to another room to hear a bit about what is going to happen, and as this is going on, the lights begin to dim until you're in total darkness. You're then introduced to your guide, who is visually impaired, and you're off to explore (in complete darkness). The guide takes you to a variety of places within the exhibit, and you are to locate some items, and tell him/her where you are and what the items are.

The whole experience was amazing! It was also kind of scary; not knowing where you are, not being able to see your hand in front of your face. You are depending on your hearing, smelling and touch. If this exhibit is in your city...you should totally go through the experience.
Also, I received a blog award from Fashion du Jour. Her blog is totally awesome! She has great style and wonderful insight on various subjects. What I'm suppose to do next is tell you 7 things you don't know about me as well as nominate 15 bloggers. So, I will be working on this and by tomorrow night, before Gossip Girl, I will have it all completed. Thank you Fashion du Jour! To be continued...
Now, here are some outfits that were not posted:
What I'm Wearing: H&M top; NY&Co jeggings & belt;Urban Outfitters shoes; Fossil watch
When: Saturday; running errands and going to the Dialog in the Dark exhibit

What I'm Wearing: Old Navy top; H&M faux leather pants; Shoe Land shoes
When: Saturday night (girl's night out)

What I'm Wearing: Zara top; H&M pants; Charlotte Russe clogs
When: Today (Sunday); actually had my dog Levi on a leash

October 4, 2010

What I'm Wearing: NY&Co top and leggings; Forever21 shoes

Just me hoping you all are having a wonderful Monday! I can honestly say that my morning was great and my night even greater.


October 3, 2010

Daily Outfit:What a Weekend!

What I'm Wearing: Converse top; New York & Co jeans

Hello there!
What a weekend here in Atlanta. So much was going on and actually still is; the BET Hip Hop Awards yesterday (which meant lots of parties &; the parties are still in effect), the Atlanta BBQ festival at Atlantic Station, the college games, and the Braves were playing.

So what did I do? On Friday, I went out with a couple girls I haven't seen in like forever, to a club called Bella. What a great club! Free valet parking, great people at the door...It's a split level club with a DJ upstairs as well as downstairs. The upstairs had a small dance floor with the bar in the middle, but there was also this beautiful balcony layout. It was great to have it open considering it was so nice outside. Downstairs had a bigger dance floor; but they had the go go dancers doing their thang! Umm and they were making money too!

Even though it started off kinda slow. By the time we all decided to leave the club, there had to be over 1000 people there. I know the goal was to reach 2000, I think they made that.

And this is what I wore:
What I'm Wearing: H&M shirt dress; NY&Co leggings

Then on Saturday...
During the day, my daughter and I went to Atlantic Station for the Atlanta BBQ festival. There was great bbq (I only eat chicken), the cooks (from various restaurants) were showing off their bbq techniques, there was a competition going on for the best bbq/best sauce....it was all so fun and filling --yum!

We also shopped around a bit. H&M was having there 10 year anniversary sale going on. We found some pretty great deals. Lots of the stuff was picked over, but we still managed to leave with some really good finds.

And I was pretty relaxed for our day out on Saturday:
What I'm Wearing: Top from 579 ($5); Levi's from Macy's ($18)

Saturday night was hanging out with more friends, it was BET Awards weekend so we attended a couple of parties. Pretty nice I might say.

I decided to wear this:
What I'm Wearing: H&M dress; Shoe Land shoes

Then today, I had taken my daughter to the movies to see The Social Network. What an awesome movie! If you haven't seen it, you should go! I also had to take Levi to get groomed; he's so handsome now. I wish I had a good pic of him today but he was not with that picture taking this time :-(

That's about it. Now it's time to look over some school work and just chill out.

What did you guys do this weekend? Did you have any big plans?