November 30, 2010

New York Part 2

More pics--my daughter outside of Trump Tower.

Random pic taken of Time Square -- I believe we were in Madame Tussauds.

Inside the United Nations General Assembly Room -- remember the movie the Interpreter with Nicole Kidman? They filmed in this exact room.

Outside of the United Nations --wasn't even possible for me to get all of the flags.

Again, the general assembly room inside the United Nations building.

Outside of the United Nations building. It's all about organizing peace throughout the world.

Me and my daughter on the Brooklyn Bridge.
The Manhattan Bridge was in the background (so I was told).

Brooklyn Bridge

Yeah...I was a bit excited as we exited out of the New York Public Library.
This library is gorgeous inside. It's currently under some sort of renovation outside.

Well...I have tons more of pics but I think I'll stop at today's post.

November 29, 2010

NY Trip Part 1

Here are just some photos upon our arrival to New York.

My daughter and I were looking for a specific store but found Bad Boy Entertainment instead! Nope--didn't see Diddy.

 I kid you not---we were at this store almost everyday. And it seemed as if they had something new out on the floor each day.

My daughter in front of Uncle Jack's Steakhouse. This is her favorite steakhouse restaurant in NY.

My daughter and her BFF Ezra. Ezra's mom actually lives in Brooklyn and she was in NY visiting her mom. The pic was taken at Bryant Park. We were all about to go ice skating--and what a blast we all had!!

This is what I wore for our dinner at Uncle Jack's Steakhouse.
Forever21 top & shoes; H&M pants; NY&Co clutch

This is what my daughter wore.

We were inside Madame Tussauds...again.

Me and Biggie.

And my gal pal Oprah.

My daughter and Marilyn Monroe.

How about they have a Pop Tart World in Time Square!!!

More to come...

November 28, 2010

Daily Outfit:Busy Busy

It's been pretty busy this last week; with my trip to New York, Thanksgiving and Holiday shopping--the rest of my life has been put on hold. However, I'm starting to get back into the groove of things. I still have to upload my New York pics (it's going to take forever!). I had taken tons of photos--well over 300!! I've been narrowing them down a bit. Don't worry, I won't add them all here...only the ones that look like they should be placed on my blog.

Until then...

What I'm Wearing: Charlotte Russe infinity scarf & Tshirt; Old Navy cargos; H&M booties; necklace; New York & Co jacket
When: Saturday, November 27
Running errands--and a movie

November 17, 2010

Pretty Girl Rock

I love this video by Keri Hilson. The song actually has a meaning behind it. Keri stated that "it wasn't meant in's to tell how a girl/woman should feel about themselves...that they should feel like they're at their best...and to feel beautiful despite of what society says...also that it's time for women to get rid of those insecurities."

I agree 100%! I try to talk with my daughter; keep up that self esteem, that confidence. And never let anyone get you down.

What I'm Wearing: Sweater from New York & Co; Skirt from H&M; Tights from Old Navy; Shoes from Forever21
When: Today, November 17

November 15, 2010

On Sunday, my daughter participated in a modeling photoshoot for It was for their 2010-2011 Holiday Calendar. She was the youngest model (I had to sign a release form) and she totally rocked it! What an experience! We got to the shoot location (a really nice Loft in midtown Atlanta) at 9:30 AM. When we got there, there had to be at at least 14 beautiful models on board (all shades, sizes, various hair textures), 2 photographers, 5 hairstylists (all from differenct locations including out of state), 1 wardrobe stylist, and 4 makeup artists.

Initially my daughter was to do 5 different scenes but some changes were made, due to one of the models not being a good fit for another scene. So that meant that my daughter was to replace that model and could only be in 4 scenes. Which is not a complaint by the way. In the beginning, when the company found her on her Model Mayhem site, they only wanted to use her for 1 scene only.  She was ecstatic when they decided to use her for more scenes.

The scenes in place were: Valentine's Day -  1 scene for natural hair models only; Christmas - 2 scenes within this segment; New Year's - 3 scenes within this segment; Mardi Gras - 1 scene; Football - 2 scenes within this segment.
Tune in later (14 days) to see which scenes she was actually in.

The day ended at 6:00 PM! It was long but worth it.

Here's a pic bit from one scene :

Makeup looks really light but it wasn't - the lighting was very bright and this pic was taken on a mobile device.

Some of the products used in each of model's hair were also given to them in a goody bag. I loved some of the gel like products used in my daughter's hair because it didn't make her hair feel oily or hard (used Curl-Gel-Les'c Curl Jealousy & Curls Souffle). Her hair was soft and easy to comb through. When they straightened her hair, it was bouncy and flowy like (used Carol's Daughter products). She loved eveything.

All of the models should have their photos within 14 days. I will definitely post the link as soon as I get it.

November 13, 2010

Daily Outfit

Again, another beautiful day out. I know I've worn this shirt before, but I really like it a lot!

Here I am with one of my most favorite bags!

Closer--blurred--look at my shoes. I think my daughter had too much caffeine.

Outside of the nail salon.
What I'm Wearing: Shirt from Old Navy; Jeans from New York & Co; Socks from Target; Shoes from Aldo; Bag is Jessica Simpson from Marshall's

This is me getting ready to leave for a dinner. One of my friends is having a birthday dinner at the Geisha House in Atlantic Station. But first we're meeting up at The Grape for drinks (wine).

This is me....very dress

What I'm Wearing: Dress from Target (circa 1997); Shoes from Shoe Land

So what are your plans for today/tonight? Any dinners? Parties?

November 12, 2010

Daily Outfit

What I'm Wearing: Dress from Old Navy (Old); Boots from Charlotte Russe; Watch is Fossil
When: Today, November 12
Work - Casual Fridays

Things to do:
  • Tonight- girls night out!! Did Not Happen
  • Saturday - chores Did Not Happen
  • Sunday - daughter's photoshoot with (this could be all day)
So what do you all have planned?

November 10, 2010

Daily Outfit

What I'm Wearing: Dress  & Cardi from Target; Shoes from Payless; Tights & belt from NY&Co; Necklace from Macy's
When: Wednesday, November 10

I guess I should have checked my tights before taking the photos. I didn't know that they were so twisted.

November 7, 2010

Ummm...Fall, Where Did You Go?

The weather has been nothing but a surprise each day. For the past few days, we've been waking up to 30 degree temperatures! Even though it warms up to a modest 50 or so, that 30 degree wake up temp is not acceptable right now. But here's the catcher--this week, we should see low 70 degree temps. So I guess fall hasn't completely disappeared. This weather just leaves me thinking that I need a winter wardrobe--my pockets are laughing!!

Anyway, I hope all of you had a great weekend. Here are some outfit photos from this weekend...
What I'm Wearing: H&M sweater and leggings; Charlotte Russe boots; Fossil watch
When: Friday, November 5
Where: Work

What I'm Wearing: New York and Company jacket; Charlotte Russe T; The Shoe Dept boots; Old Navy cargos; Necklace??
When: Saturday, November 6
Where: Home - Weekend Errands

What I'm Wearing: Old Navy faux fur reversible vest (like 5 years old); H&M tunic; Forever21 tank; New York and Co jeans & belt; Charlotte Russe boots; Necklace from Macy's
When: Today, November 7
Where: Running Errands

November 2, 2010

Did You Vote Today?

What I'm Wearing: Old Navy pants; sweater from WalMart; Wild Pair oxfords; tuxedo blazer from Target
When: Monday (work)

I voted this morning before I had to take my car in to the service & repair shop (remember the accident I had not too long ago?). I'm so upset...I left the sticker in my car. I'm now driving the rental car until I get my car back--I hope my sticker is still in my car when I get it back!

Hope you all had a chance to vote! 
What I'm Wearing: Old Navy sweater & T; H&M skirt; JCPenny fishnet stockings/tights
When: Today (work)