January 26, 2011

A Little Bit of Color....OH...and I'm Back!

Target skirt & blazer: Fossil watch: Old Navy tights: Shirt?? Marshall's I think? Forever21 shoes (my ultimate favs!):

Day: Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Today I feel: Pretty good. My mouth isn't as sore...I actually went into work today. Not bad. I even added a little color to my outfit. Trust me, I was so close to wearing all black...again. I don't know if I'll succeed for tomorrow however. Guess we'll see!

Most memorable thing that occurred today: No one really even attempting to speak to me. They knew what was up. It was peaceful and I got a lot of work done. I hope the same for tomorrow.

Best part of my day: Coming home and being able to eat clam chowder!!

Something I am looking forward to tomorrow: Hopefully being able to eat something else good :-)

Until tomorrow...
Take Care!


  1. Love this pop of red! I adore the way you styled your hair in the post below. I was checking out your other blog too and your daughter is gorgeous! She obviously takes after you!

  2. Loving the deep red!!!

  3. @Kirstin - thanks! I'm actually having hair woes...I want to grow it out but I also want to keep it short.

    @Sunny - thanks girl!

  4. glad you are doing better :)

  5. @simplychic - thanks...it's still a struggle though.

  6. Love your skirt. Perfect winter fit with a pop of color!!!

  7. I love that red skirt, and I love when your hair has some whispy curls going on... so pretty!!!

    Glad to hear your mouth is feeling a little better. I had all four of my wisdom teeth pulled on the same day.. the day before I moved into the dorms for college. It was bad! Lol!

  8. Talk about your back....ohhh I've been lacking.



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