February 9, 2011

Can this week be over already?!

ForeverXXI Sweater & Jean Skirt : Charming Charlie Cuff : Wedges??

Day: Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Today I feel: Overwhelmed! Again, another hectic day at the work place. Maybe it's not as hectic as I perceive it to be, and it's just my mindset. It's not like I'm not doing anything I haven't done before; it's not like my workload has expanded (it's about the same as usual); so it could be that it's a bit of all of the above??

I think I have days when I'm feeling good and there's nothing on my mind, then I have days when everything under the sun is on my mind and that's when I start to notice how great of a workload I have. Thus, making me believe I'm having a hectic day. I am going to have to start meditating more often. I know that meditation does help me out a lot.

Best part of my day: Coming home, relaxing, and eating ice cream.

Something I am looking forward to tomorrow: Working on having a better mindset on things. So I'm expecting to have a GOOD day tomorrow. By good I mean, getting up in the morning and easily finding something to wear; having the time to eat breakfast; and ending my day with nothing but good thoughts and preparing for a great night's sleep.

Until tomorrow...
Take Care!


  1. Now hold the press! I love those shoes to death. Why?

    Because I recently bought the same pair, in my favorite color... GREEN! I even considered wearing them today, LOL!

    The rest of your look is fab too. Loves it!


  2. Love the color block sweater. You find cute things at Forever 21. Sometimes I get overwhelmed. I try to search online for things I like to help narrow down my search once I hit the store. You rock things I've never seen though.

  3. Hello beautiful,
    Love your hair, your top, your shoes I think I love it all. Have a wonderful evening.:)

  4. You know I love when you wear your hair like that. It is so cute!

    that color block top is super cute! What F21 do you shop at?

  5. I love your color blocked top, as well as the skirt you paired it with. I have to admit forever 21 and I don't always get along, it can seem very hard to find things sometimes, but you've given me a reason to go back!

  6. @Ears to the Feet - thanks girl! I wish I could've found these sandals in green...I was on your site and saw the pair you have & thought to myself how cute they are in that color.

    @Candice - thank you! It's funny cuz I say the same thing about others who find all these cute items at F21 and I'm like which one do you shop at???

    @Majormusthaves - thank you so much! believe it or not I was having a bad hair day...lol

    @Eboni - thank you! I shop at every F21 I can find, including online. I'll email you or send you a message on your site.

    @Minnesota Maven - thanks! I have a hard time finding things as well there. I think I get lucky :)

  7. i love me some color blocking! super cute.

    check out my jewelry giveaway http://simplychic08.blogspot.com/2011/01/i-want-to-give-way.html


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