February 12, 2011

Daily Outfit:My Thanks!

Definitely a wardrobe remix!
Target Dress : Old Navy Jean Jacket : NY&Co belt : ForeverXXI Leggings : Charlotte Russe Boots

Today, I just want to thank all of you...and your comments. My last post was a huge vent; hoping that the blogger who had sent that disturbing email...read it. I received an overwhelming number of emails from other bloggers and friends as well. You guys are the best!

I will continue to do ... me. This goes for how I dress everyday to whatever it is I have the need to express.

Again, I ...I thank you all.

I hope everyone has a great night. Hopefully I'll have a post up tomorrow, I've been really lazy when it comes to getting dressed for some reason.

We'll see.

Take care!


  1. People have a tendency to be rude and think that their opinion(nonsense) counts for something. Ignore it. I LOVE your blog.

  2. No doubt Suga. Stay fab. Love the Boho look. You do it so well.


  3. Loving this laid back look. I think I;ll try this tomarrow.:) Bless ya...

  4. the blue tights are good.

    i heard you guys are getting good weather in atl!

  5. U look great Corie...those boots are nice and comfy looking.


  6. thank you for the comments! I hope you all had a wonderful day! and yes @Simplychic..the weather here is gorgeous!!!!!

  7. My sister was looking for your boots when she came home for a visit. Gotta tell her where to find them. You look cas-chic and I love the print in the dress.



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