February 16, 2011

Daily Outfit

Papaya Top : American Apparel bodysuit (can't see) : ForeverXXI Maxi Skirt & Booties

Day: Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Today I feel: Well...frustrated. And the story goes...
I received a call from my daughter around 2:10pm today telling me that she was in a fight after her last class of the day. Of course I wasn't too happy to hear about this. However, I asked her what happened and she proceeded with this story...

"Me, this girl, and this guy were goofing around in class (tripping each other) and when I got tired of it, as this girl was sticking her foot out to trip me, I stepped on her shoe. This girl started saying she would kick my a$$, so I told her bet. Then she kept saying stuff then I said I was going to kick her a$$. This girl kept talking about me and kept saying she was going to hit me, so I told her that I wish you would. Then this girl came after me and put her hands around my neck trying to choke me. I then pushed her away. Then the girl swung at me, so I swung back..."

So I had to go to the school to speak to her AP. AP says she was surprised and it all sounded so crazy...how it started. Well, I agreed that it was pretty dumb, and that my child should have laughed at the girl and let it go before it escalated. But that girl had no reason to put her hands on my child ... period! AP says both girls were at fault. I agreed but still felt that this girl went too far once she put her hands around my daughter's neck. AP didn't see my point of view. She kept saying how messed up the other student's side of face looked (apparently, during the fight, she was scratched up).

So now I have to wait until tomorrow to see what's going to happen to my daughter. Currently she is suspended for 3 days.

So that is my most memorable thing that occurred as well, there were no best parts of my day, and now tomorrow I'm looking forward to seeing what the principal has to say about all this and what he plans on doing.

**forced myself to not look as upset on my photos**

Until tomorrow...
Take Care!


  1. Not a fun day with the daughter, but you didn't let it show in the pictures! Hopefully the other girl got suspended as well.

  2. I hope your day gets better and I definitely could understand your frustration. Well I'm new to your blog and I'm loving it. I like this look on you..the bohemian skirt paired with this great abstract top. I love it!! I'm now a new follower both on your blog and Chictopia. Enjoy the rest of your week :-)

  3. Sorry, Corie! You know teenagers will be teenagers. I am just glad to hear that your daughter is okay. Girls these days can be so vicious!

    You look darling in that maxi skirt! very nice!

  4. Oh wow, sucks about the fight. How long is the other girl suspended for?
    Love the skirt. I need you to be my Forever 21 shopper. You always pick things I would!

  5. thanks everyone! it turns out she has been suspended until next week Tuesday. So was the other girl.

  6. Those shoes are from F21??? Great find and great combo with the skirt.:)

  7. Darn kids just have to give us a headache from time to time:D I'm sure she learned her lesson. You don't look stressed at all in this outfit, great outfit!


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