March 17, 2011

Busy Days Ahead...

My morning started off busy. I knew it was going to be busy as well. That's why I just threw on this dress. It was easy--didn't have to be ironed or anything. was olive green. So even though, I kept telling everyone that I wasn't going to wear green....I wound up wearing it anyway.

My day went like this:
  • Up at 5:30 AM to take the girl to school early
  • Came back home to take care of the dog & finished getting dressed
  • Went to work from 7-4:30
  • Came home to take the girl to get brows done
  • Went to Subway (dinner)
  • Came back home so the girl could get dressed for a casting call for Tommy Hilfiger
  • Drove 38 miles out for the casting call
  • Waited for an hour and 1/2
  • Drove back home to exercise
  • Showered/washed hair
  • Pay bills online
  • Now working on the blog
  • About to get in the bed
Me tired...

Until this weekend...My daughter's bday is Saturday. I will have a very very busy weekend...ugh!!!!
Take Care!


  1. I love the dress, it's a perfect for a busy day!
    I hope your daughter gets the job (I mean how cool would that be)!

  2. That shirt dress looks great on you.

  3. Your style always looks effortless and I love that quality. As much as I complain about not having enough time to do all that I do in a day, I'm happy I'm not alone. And I'm pretty much normal. LOL!

  4. love this look so avant garde!

  5. thank you all for the comments!

  6. Pretty in green. Love the dress.

  7. @Tanya - thanks girl!


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