March 25, 2011

Can't Wait for the Rain

Sounds crazy huh? Considering the pollen count being well over 4000; the rain is greatly anticipated. We need something to wash away this stuff out here.

The rain will actually give me an excuse to do some spring cleaning--of the clothes. I need to go through each and every bin and closet and dresser and everything else to see what I will keep, sell, give away to charity, or toss.

Gap Sweater / Levi's Jeans / Charlotte Russe Boots / Necklace is what I made

Have a great weekend!
Take Care!


  1. Rain would be wonderful ... but I am not complaining ... Weather has been kinda nice down here in Texas :)

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  2. Tanvi it's been raining all day here. Now it's storming. No complaints though. It's needed.

  3. those charlotte russe boots are fantastic!

    it has been raining here all weekend :(

  4. Thanks Zarna! They're really comfy too!

  5. where do you sell your old clothes to?


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