March 24, 2011

Shades of Grey

I know...I know...this is such an epic fail. After seeing my last couple of outfits, one might have thought that I was on a role. My goal is to try and incorporate color in my wardrobe, I didn't succeed today. Even my daughter was like, "you need some color" and I was like "I tried."

Still beautiful outside--mid 60s--sunny and gorgeous. I really wasn't trying to find colorrrrrr. But you know what? My bag was purple! Ha! I guess I should've taken a pic with it.

Ok, I swear I'm going to try and find something colorful tomorrow.

Loft Cardi / Papaya T / New York & Co Cargos / Urban Outfitters Shoes you see this???

This is called pollen. It is all over my car. I just got the car washed over the weekend. UGH!!!!! This is also what is making me rub my eyes constantly. Do any of you get pollen this bad where you are?? I think the pollen count in Atlanta, yesterday, was over 2500!!

Ok, until tomorrow
Take Care!


  1. Haha, beige is ok. lol At least it's not grey and black like me. And the purple bag totally counts ; )

  2. girl, I saw all that pollen on my car and I was like "what is this?" LOL. This ATL spring is a whole new world for me. I mean we have obviously see a pollen increase in in LA but not like that! I don't have allergies, but poor Fab does and he is dying!

    Anyway, I'll excuse your lack of color, but only because you look so stinkin cute in those oxfords!

  3. I wear wayyy too much grey and black but that all black ever thing is going to be too much already and its 5 day into spring!!!

    The pollen is bad here in South Carolina too. ugh...but Thank God I dont have allergy problems.

  4. @Sing - I still feel as though I should have taken a pic with the bag...would've made a slight difference. lol

    @Eboni - This is only the beginning! And thank you!

    @Jamie - Thanks! You get all that pollen too? How crazy is that?

  5. LOL..You're excused for the 'lack of colour' because you usually have such colourful and cute outfits! :)

  6. @Toria - thanks lady! I'm trying sooo hard to wear color.

  7. i am so dreading the pollen. i work with preschoolers so i usually blame sickness on them, but i have been tracking it and i am usually coming down with the sickness in the spring. must be allergies. we don't have it this bad yet, but i know it's coming. boo:(

  8. You look amazing dear!

  9. Corie, you'll get a pass all spring. In our area, the pollen it horrid, so dealing with that alone makes one want to be beige. You get a gold star for the purple bag. I love those cargos.

  10. thank you ladies!

    I will try harder though on adding color in my life.

    AND...we get a break this weekend from all of this pollen...rain is on the way!

  11. Lol, I live in Florida. I can wash my car on the weekend and come back out of my dorm on Monday to find my black car green. It looks like the hulk!

    I'm serious too. My car literally becomes green!!!!!!


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