March 13, 2011

Weekend Wrap up...

So the girl (my daughter)
 and her bff
went to the Delta Soro event held on Saturday from like 9:15-12:45. The girl had to leave early due to her having to get on a conference call for her internship with Atlanta International Fashion Week (Facebook site).

Random.....her bff shaved the side of her head. She still looks cute though!

 While the girl and her bff were busy doing their thing, I decided to go get my nails done.
This is what I wore on Saturday.
When I got home--before I was headed off to the movies with the girl and some friends--I decided to test out my new lens again. This time taking pics of the grass (and seeing that it really needs to be treated). These are weeds!!!
Then I got a pretty good pic of an airplane.
After that it was to the movies to see, not 1, but 2 movies ;-)
We saw Red Riding Hood and Battle: Los Angeles. Both were really good. Battle would move you more to the emotional side, as it was sad, nerve-wrecking, and made you angry at times.

So today, the girl

and I did a little light shopping. Mainly things for the house but I did get some other items too.

Like this cute faux leather jacket from H&M for $35.

And this Philosophy body spray for $22. This one is my new fav! I love how it makes me smell so sweet. Goes perfectly with my true demeanor.

Then when I came home and started cleaning up a bit, I noticed that somehow Levi's toys were nicely put into his nap area. They're really suppose to be in his toy bin.  But oh well...

Now it's time for me to exercise, take a shower and get to bed. I have to get up pretty early.

I hope you all had a great weekend!
Until tomorrow...
Take Care!


  1. Love the Essie nude color! & Your daughter has such refreshing style! I love love love the overalls w/ the boots she's wearing!

  2. Thanks! I love the Essie nude color as well. I've tried many different shades of nude from other brands but this one, by far, is my new favorite.

  3. you all look so beautiful!!

    i love the nude/mint green nail color - such a great combo!

  4. Looks like you got a lot of things done. The girls are so pretty and the new cam took some nice close ups.


  5. you're such a cool momma :)

  6. Your daughter is beautiful. Really great photos! I'm gonna have to go find those Essie colours....they're gorgeous!

  7. Your daughter is beautiful. I like both looks especially the first one!

  8. I love that you did your ring finger a different color!!!! Recently (since this past fall) I've do that toooo!!! For the most part though, I only do my ring finger, but, if ever I decide to do all my nails I'll add something extra to the ring finger (glitter, design, etc).

  9. Oh I follow your daughter! That's cool that you blog as well. I guess I know where your daughter got her style from. ;)


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