April 24, 2011

Weekend Wrap up...

Happy Easter!
And for those who do not celebrate Easter; Happy Sunday to you!

Let's see...my weekend has been both busy and relaxing. Friday night was all about seeing Madea's Big Happy Family movie. It was hilarious and sad...but I don't care what anyone says about Tyler Perry, his Madea movies always tell a message and they are sooo funny!

Saturday was my busy day, as always. I got up to exercise; after taking my shower and everything, I got the girl up so I could take her to all of the million places she needed to go. No shopping! It was all about errands and being the personal driver for my daughter.

After our errands, we came home so I could cook dinner. I made chicken tetrazzini (sorry did not add recipe in Kitchen; will do that later) and chocolate chip cookies with the semi chocolate chunks and chips.

And here was my day look...

Leopard and Red

Papaya Hooded Top / Old Navy Pants / Charlotte Russe Shoes / H&M Bag / Necklace my design

Later it was all about hanging with the grown and sexy :)
Liquid Leggings

H&M  Top, Leggings & Clutch / Jessica Simpson Dany Shoes / Necklace from WalMart
Today, however, was the most relaxing day EVER! I did nothing except cook. No big dinner, just a chicken, cabbage, and mashed potatoes. That's all the girl requested. We then made some chocolate covered strawberries using the Nestle semi chocolate chunks I used for the cookies. So Yummy!!!

I've been home laying back. It's also pretty hot out today (86 and sunny). I really didn't want to do much.

Zara Shoes
H&M Top and Pants / Zara Sandals

Going to sit back and watch movies ...but I'd really like to know how was everyone's weekend and Holiday?


  1. Happy Easter to you and your family! I love your style. You always wear the flyest tops. Loving those harem pants too.

  2. You were on a roll with the snap shots...lol The clutch with the black and white outfit was cuteee. Happy Easter...

  3. loving the sweatshirt in the first picture! i need something like that in my closet. you look really casual chic :)

  4. Very nice outfits. I don't celebrate Easter, but I did have a good Sunday catching up with friends and family with a good Soul Food dinner.

  5. Both comfy-looking outfit...I adore those yellow sandals! :)


  6. Oh, I love that black and white number. Too chic, girly. I am on the hunt for some red pants. Can't wait until I find a pair. And those cookies...um, do you have any left?

  7. the striped tee and the shoes u wear with it are super! love the animal printed bag and the yellow sandals too!
    kiss, v


  8. Happy Monday since I missed Sunday.
    Just needed you to know that this is a RAID on your shoes! I shall email you the address to ship them to!
    Have a Magnify Monday!
    loves all the pics....

  9. Corie...these pictures look great. I like!

    The cookies..food and everything else looks yummy.

    Hope you ahd a wonderful Easter!


  10. That looks so yummy and those cookies, yum. Can't wait for you to post more recipes. Wow, I cook a traditional Easter dinner for 16 people, yikes and today I am at work, falling asleep and reading blogs!!!! Have a great day!

  11. Great post. Man that food looks good. I also love your shoe game! You have great style. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your sweet comment. Visit me again soon

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  12. thanks again for the comments! i really hate that the weekend had to come to an end. I will post recipes soon!

  13. Yummy food! Love your shoes too! :)

    Check out my 1st Q&A post and ask me anything!! ASK AWAY HERE!



  14. Although you look like perfection in all the pics, I need to go get those pants from H&M asap! They look so comfy.:)

  15. Goodness gracious!! My mouth is watering the food looks deeelish..LOL Lovin' all outfits and your 80 degree weather.

  16. thank you so much! the food, believe it or not is gone!

    @Tanya - I hope you find them. I got them about 2 months ago.

  17. must say I love your blog, I took some time to stop by cause you're always soo sweet and have the time to come visit me and even post comments which I really appreciate it's crazy that we are both in lawrenceville georgia that's what really called me to come and visit you and to my suprise your cooking post and you're style are to die for just wanted to let you know that you now have a new follower and thank you for following me xoxo jeimy


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