April 18, 2011

Coffee Talk: Why do I have to keep explaining this??

Hey everyone, it's me....Corie and it's definitely a Monday.

H&M Top / Old Navy Cropped Pants / Shoe Land Shoes / New York and Co Necklace & Watch
I just realized how oily my face is in these pics. I love it and hate it.

It baffles me that some people just don't see that what you're doing, you may actually like, and that what you want to do is what you feel like doing. As Bobby Brown said, 'it's my prerogative'.

So here's the story...

I know this person who found my blog via a mutual friend. This person ...let's call her 'hater', called me up and said that she was on my blog and thought it really nice etc...

Then she asked why do I blog? Umm, let's see, her words were "you have a nice blog and everything, but I really don't understand why you blog. It's not like you can totally compare with the other bloggers out there like, Fashiontoast, or The Glamourai. Not that I don't like what you're wearing, you're always wearing cute clothes, but they're just not as trendy as these other sites I go to."

So, I told her to read my 'About' page...that should sum it up. I'm not competing with ANYONE who's blogging. This is me...take it or leave it...better yet, if you don't like my site, you don't have to visit. It's simple.

Look, I know I'm not the most trendy individual in the fashion blogosphere. I am an average, everyday gal who likes to dress comfortable and, on occasion, may actually dress up when going out somewhere. I do not like wearing makeup, I am not a glamourized individual every single day, and I think that's what separates us all when we're talking about 'fashion blogging'.

I honestly do not consider myself a fashion blogger; more like lifestyle or something like that. I not only post what I'm wearing, I post what I'm cooking, or something with my daughter.

I love looking at all of the other fashion bloggers out there. Everyone has their own unique way of styling themselves. I love seeing that. You have your everyday vintage stylistas, your fashionably trendy dressers and then you have your cute and casual, everyday dressers.

So I am know longer going to address this question. People kill me, who gives you the right to tell someone what they should write about on THEIR own blog or site??

Anyway....I also have an update with my friend and her long distance lover...

My friend went to Hawaii with this guy. He came here to Atlanta last week to see her and the next thing you know, they're off on vacation.

Where is the other woman? I don't know. And, at this point I really don't care. I was comforting her everyday because of this incident. I missed events and other outings because I wanted to make sure I was there for her. She was like on suicide watch!

I'm not sure what's going to happen to them. I wish them the best.


  1. People don't think before they speak. I mean that just sounds foolish. Why do you blog? How'bout (that's a word my friends and I use) because you want to. Plain and simple. It's not about competition and you do it because you want to. Period. Anywho.... your friend. I'm learning to just be there for her when ish gets tough. I'm in a situation where my friend is involved with a married man. He is overseas and is promising her the world, spending crazy amounts of money on her, but he cannot get the divorce proceedings started-WTF. Our relationship is alittle strained because I told her how much I disapprove of it. People may it's not my business. But I say I'm a woman with values and it's just plain wrong to mess with someone elses man especially when growning up her father married his mistress and she was bitter behind that and how it tore her family apart. Now shes "that girl".

  2. WOW! The nerve of some people! I think you handled it up very well.
    You look great as usual. Love your style and blog! Keep doing you!


  3. I think this entire post deserves a Whoooo Saaaa Moment....You totally did the right, and adult thing in both situations. I applaud your mature response :)

  4. Whoa! I have have had the same scenario and you handled it very well, I hope she is reading this, HA!
    Wait,your kidding? How did they go from "its over" to we are vacationing in Hawaii? WTH! You did what a true friend should do. I hope she appreciates what you did!

  5. People are just crazy sometimes! This is YOUR blog and you are working it. I love your blog Corie! She is just jealous and sometimes people have to create things to bitch about. Keep doing you!

    Oh and "My Perogative" used to be my jam! LOL

  6. Corie, I think you have many more people who love you & your blog!! Eff the haters!! That is just ridiculous!

    Love your outfit, Hun!


  7. I totally feel you with the "why do you blog". When people who personally know me ask, "why do you have a website" or the infamous " do you make money off it?" I half assed answer it, for sh*ts and giggles. LOL. Nosey people make me sick.

    I love the outfit...very comfy and stylish.

    Your friend. Wow. Is all I'll say.

  8. Thank you all for your comments. I know that this person is reading my blog. I may or may not hear from her. As far as my other friend...I'm speechless. Maybe she'll learn one day.

  9. keep doing you! like you say, "its your taste". as long as you love what you're doing, keep doing it!

    love the blog and the outfits. keep it up :-)


  10. I love this outfit, so comfy

  11. Thank you Nic and Beauty in Me!

    Nic...I will keep doing me!!

  12. I'm hating on your camera, hard. Cute pics. And please Corie, don't give these people power by even addressing them in a post, really. So not worth the time.

  13. I totally agree! Its funny you mentioned that cause i have friends who have no clue that my blog even exists! And i kinda like it that way, and the ones that do know support me to the fullest! That's how it should be! There's always gonna be haters and that's what they do best is hate! Do you girl cause you look fab! First time visiting your blog and it was love at first sight! Thx for the comment, i will try to invest in a tripod! I really have no choice! Luck you, You have your daughter! xoxo Ty

  14. You should write what ever you please. I love what you write so keep doing you. If they don't like it they shouldn't visit! Love your look as always!

  15. i like those pants! that's my color for spring :)

    just like last time, i'm confused. confused at where ppl come up with such stupid questions. they say there's no such thing as a stupid question. i disagree...

  16. Hi I joined your blog earlier today...keep up the good work cuz you're obviously "winning"!

  17. oh dear. there seems to be an awful lot of this going on lately! bullying, rude comments. these are people with zero class, nor tact. your "hater" probably has some real personal issues. why else would she have called you to say such things? a blog friend i've met in real life actually had death threats! basically it happened because someone was jealous.

    people blog for a variety of reasons. why does it matter why we blog?! it's called sharing. it's also supposed to be fun.

    on a lighter note: i quite like what you wear! also you have the cutest bob haircut ever. you look very pretty in this soft blush color.

  18. love ur blog!


  19. Do not care about this kind of people. Your blog is really nice and you can do what you want!

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    PS. Love the white top..

  21. Annnnnd WOW. I never understood why people who don't have a positive comment to say, just don't shut up. She didn't have to offer her opinion. It's not a competition out here. And some of us (tell her to check out your follower number) just like reading about YOU and seeing what YOU have on . Geez.

  22. I actually love what you're doing...being you. Not to mention, not everyone wants to go out everyday doing everyday life happenings looking like someone they're not.

    Your style inspires me as well as so many others.

    Thank you for existing!

  23. Hmm...the name of the blog didn't give her a hint as to why you blog? LOL!

    I don't comment much, but I check your blog every day. I get inspiration and ideas that are workable for me...so for that, I say thanks for being you!

  24. hay...some people just don't get the point of blogging. like you, I'm a 'purist' in terms of blogging. you write about things you like, and not about what you think other people might like. it's so frustrating, this isn't the first time someone's asked you about this :|

  25. hater is jealous. jealousy is the root of all evil and it was her attempt to put you down to make herself feel better. i distance myself from haters. don't you feel that blogging helps your style? i do. i let me blog go out of laziness but i feel my style sort of suffers from lack of blogging. it makes you try harder i think.


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