May 23, 2011

How Has Blogging Changed the Way I Dress Today?

H&M Tank / Old Navy Dress (worn as a skirt) / Shoes are from DSW 

Someone sent me an email asking how has blogging my outfits changed how I dress today. I actually had to think about the question; go back and look at some of my past outfits, and study what I wore & how I wore it.

Again, I'm a casual dresser. I'm not all about the glitz & glamour on an everyday basis. I love my jeans, T's, maxi dresses & skirts, and my shirt dresses. I love wearing wedges more so than heels; would prefer wearing sneakers everyday. I'm not a trendy individual, but I do love the trends that have come and gone.

My conclusion...there hasn't been a dramatic change; except for maybe one factor--I've added a bit more color to my wardrobe. I stuck with my neutrals and basics (black, brown, grey). So I've noticed that I may take a basic, and add some color to it. It's been gradual, but it's a small change.

I've actually slowed my shopping down as well. I have so much stuff in my closet, I felt it was time to actually wear it or sell it. So I guess another change is that I shop less.

Therefore I haven't changed my dress that much. I stay close to what is ME. It's fun blogging. It's fun looking at other fashion sites. It's fun reading what everyone is sharing.

That's how has blogging changed the way you dress today?


  1. Corie,
    Gr8 post! Love the dress/Skirt combo! Need the shoes. And for me, checking out everyone (that I love) keeps me focused on what I like and not the IN fashion. My style and dress is who I am and not who the fashion world would like for me to be!
    I "Heart" your blog!!

  2. lovely outfit :)

  3. Cute skirt, and I noticed the change too with additions of color, which by the way, looks great on you!
    I haven't changed how I dress, I normally dress up most days, but even casual outfits I try to make extra special for the blog, which I never bothered to do before. It's a good thing though, since I'm wearing every stitch of accessories I own now. lol

  4. loving the skirt w/ the wedges!

    blogging has helped me be more adventurous and creative with my dressing!

  5. i love the color of your skirt. orange is my favorite color!


  6. Good topic of discussion. I have always been drawn to very daring styles, but wasn't always so willing to try them. Blogging has definitely helped me throw caution to the wind. If I like it, I do it. Period.

    Love that skirt!!! What girl doesn't like ruffles? Lol!

  7. it seems that blogging has helped many of you out as well. i simply love looking at other's blogs. checkig out what they're actually wearing on a day to day basis. it's inspiring and pretty cool!

  8. Love, love, love this outfit!


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