May 18, 2011

Sharing:Going Green

H&M Tee / JCPenny's Pants / Shoes

I found some fashion sites which are green for a good cause. Check them out!

Anja Hynynen
All clothing are made from organic materials and handmade in Sweden. I'm not sure if you can order online from the U.S. but the items are very beautiful.

Alternative Outfitters
This is an online vegan boutique which sells vegan shoes, vegan bags and animal friendly accessories. Pretty cool huh? I actually got my Madden Girl shoes from here, except they were much cheaper when I got them.

Beyond Skin
This online store sells vegan shoes, vegetarian shoes, vegan boots, environmentally shoes and much more!

American Apparel
Who hasn't shopped here?! Did you know that they promote environmentally friendly practices and utilize organic cotton?

A great percentage of their clothing is made in Africa while a smaller percentage is made in Asia and Peru. Their main focus it trade in Africa. The company sources organic & sustainable materials when possible. They sell gorgeous have to take a look.

Linda Loudermilk
This company redefines sustainability with designs that give back to the earth. Their fabrics are made of sasawashi, bamboo, sea cell, soya and other exotic self-sustaining plants.

This brand is fully committed to organic farming. They use 100% certified organic cotton.

Project Alabama
Now I'm not sure if all of their collections are organic, but I do know that they have a collection called Green T. This collection is an organic collection of cotton and silk tees and dresses. You can read more about it here.

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  1. Say Whaaaat? Are you keeping secrets? Do tell?

  2. LOL! I swear I'm not keeping secrets. I actually let everyone know about this online store. They have really cute items. You have to check it out!

  3. Love the outfit! Those shoes are awesome.

    And thanks for the green links!

  4. Love this! I love the way you put stuff together! You dress so casual yet chic! Love the shoes! Love it!xoxo Ty

  5. @Elaine - thanks so much! I actually like the green items. Awesome!

    @TyshaJames - Thank you! I love being casual...hate dressing up too much...and know that I can't wear sneakers everyday :) I would if I could though.

  6. Love ♡ your tee!!! Cutest one ever :)

    ♡ from ©

  7. i love this style. simple and straight forward.

  8. I need that top! Beautiful look:).

  9. Friggin adorable this outfit is. Girly casual. haha, I don't know why I give your looks names. But you do casual in so many different ways, loves it.

  10. thank you gals! Again, I love to be casual. That's truly who I am. @Sing...I love your made-up

  11. TOO CUTE!!!! Love this look!



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