May 10, 2011

This is Me Folks!

What a beautiful, hot Tuesday.

Someone asked me...a good friend...she didn't mean any harm; but she asked, "you're going to post this outfit? It's cute, I love it, but ...."

I stopped her there. I read other blogs, and sometimes even hear my daughter say that she isn't going to post an outfit because she/they didn't deem it  to be "special" or "worthy". Well...I think all of my outfits are special; I like them otherwise I wouldn't wear them. Sometimes I may feel too casual, but that doesn't mean I do not like my outfit. Besides, who am I "trying" to impress or be? This is me folks!

Old Navy Dress & Shoes


  1. Your outfits are amazing!!! Definitely fits the irresistible definition! I love this one too!

  2. what a beautiful dress... the pattern on it is fabulous! your wedges are amazing too, i love them! <3shelby

  3. Corie,
    you know what it REALLY is? They are NOT brave enough to wear it. And they SECRETLY want to wear it after seeing you! haha..the only thing is you will NEVER see them in it.
    People should Check themselves at the door.
    She will wear something similar to what you have on and then ask you your OPINION on it
    Today was a good day (in my IceCube voice!)
    Frieds are Funny sometimes

  4. j'adore ta robe

  5. Cute dress! Perfect for a hot day.

  6. Its perfect total cuteness!Everyday cant be a glam day.

  7. you look so pretty, great dress
    Lydz xX

  8. I LOVE your style! You make looking good look so effortless; such an inspiration!


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