July 28, 2011


Picture taken before the pain and the redness

I think I may have pinkeye. So that means going to the doc to be certain and staying away from the office. Also, making sure I disinfect the house so that the girl doesn't get it. ugh!!!

I haven't had pinkeye in forever! That's the number one reason why I am going to the doc; because I don't know. I have mild pain in my eye and it's red. So to me that reads pinkeye.

Oh well...I may have needed to rest this weekend anyway.

Take care!

What I'm Wearing:
*H&M Top & Shoes
*JCPenney Pants
*Charlotte Russe Bag


  1. Oh no, take care.
    Cute color combo here.

  2. Loving the colors you are working with here...

  3. Awww... NOT the PINK Eye @_@
    Hope you are better soon!!!!

    ~The shoes add that EXTRA POP of color... very chic!

  4. omg!!!! this EXACT time last year i had pinkeye! mine was a virus and not an infection so there was nothing i could take and it lasted a month! ugh! i got some cute faux readers, swooped my bang over the eye and went on abt my business. good luck at the dr.

    o and love that blue and green stripes!

  5. yikes! feel better:) My cousin who is in her 30s (like me) had "the" pink eye early this summer. she was more mad that she got at her age than anything!

  6. thank you all! i am feeling better however.

  7. You look so youthful here! I love this pics.

  8. @DrReginia...thank you girl!

  9. Love the colors! You look FAB :)


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