July 26, 2011

Something New & Old

This little dress was a great gift from my mother; A vintage dress, with
these wonderful buttons down the back. The dress also use to have shoulder pads, but
those had to go of course.

I added the belt to give it some shape.

The best part is that the dress had never been worn. My mom still had the price tag on it. I guess she knew that she was never going to wear it and decided to save it for me. *smiles*

What I'm Wearing:
*Vintage dress gifted
*Charlotte Russe Shoes
*UO Bag
*H&M Belt

Here is my mom. This pic was taken when we were in Miami.


  1. really pretty dress I love all the accesories and the shoes loveeeee

    your mom is soo pretty and young


  2. Very Nice dress! Love the bag and belt too!


  3. The fact that it was your moms...makes it that much more lovely.

    You look great Corie...love the button on the back.

    No...you cant have my skirt. lol....well maybe. It was falling off me that day. I bought it 2-3 months back and I've been working out and now its seems to be a little big. :-(


  4. I love the dress and the buttons really give that umph. Your hair is growing out. I love it, it's always so perfect.

    *waving @ Mama It's My Taste*

  5. love the dress and the buttons down the back. good look mom :-)


  6. What a jewel! I love that dress...its very modern. When my mom was my age she was 60 lbs lighter than me.lol! I couldn't wear her stuff when I was teenager!

  7. can't go wrong with buttons down the back. you and your mom look like sisters. go mom!

  8. You and your mom look like sisters!

    Go girl!! I love that dress and love that the buttons are in the back!

  9. No that ain't your mom! Ya'll could pass for sisters!
    Love the dress, what a great gift and find.

  10. Um...I'm going to need to see some I.D. before I believe that's your mom. LOL!

    Gorgeous pic!

  11. You all are so sweet!

    My mother thanks you all as well.

  12. Love the dress with the buttons down the back... Also, I agree with Inez you & your MOM look like Sisters!!!

  13. @LA Lynn - thank you so much! we are really close.

  14. You look just like your mother! Both of you are beautiful!

  15. Mom rocks and she did a fab job with that dress.


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