August 28, 2011

Coffee Talk: Balance

Balancing my home & work life is no easy task. I have, like we all do,
many roles. I'm a mother, daughter, friend, employee, grandchild, mentor, and
a spiritual being. All which are extremely important, but the most important role to me is
being a mom.

It's difficult trying to balance everything. I know, at times, I've felt as though there
just wasn't enough time in the day to complete it all. So what I've been doing is writing
down all that I need to do in a day; as well as figuring out the amount of time I spend
on each task.

By completing this assignment, I've noticed that much of my time is spent at work--of
course--and the rest is scheduled around me working.

To take it further...I'd written down a little Time Managment contract for myself.
It states that:
  • I will need to organize my life
    • Write 'to do' lists
    • Set goals
    • Set priorities
    • Use a calendar more often (sync w/phone)
  • Anything on my mind, write it down (assess it afterwards or at a later time)
  • Take time for me (at least an hour/day; more on the weekends)
  • Don't bring my work home on weekends
  • Schedule exercise time
  • Make sure to not skip any meals, especially breakfast...And
  • Get at least 7-8 hours of sleep each night
I've learned that it is difficult trying to maintain balance in my life. I just have to
remain realistic, focused, and proactive. The outcome beats out being stressed,
ill, depressed, or unmotivated.

Balance can be achieved. It's always good to ask for help & not take on everything
which is thrown at you. Make sure to set goals & say the word 'NO' often...and,
always expect and plan for the unexpected.


How do you all balance your time?
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  1. I like the contract, good point never skip meals especially breakfast I used to do this then I would feel cranky during the day and little down.
    Good luck with it:)

  2. You look so cute and laid back!

  3. Here's how I create balance

  4. i feel like getting converses too. i love your necklace
    Breezeybee Blog

  5. Well.....I'm a Libra...I live for a balance...I'm obsessed with making lists, its insane. I plan my whole day on a list and I call it a wishlist and what I get done, I mark off, if I don't get stuff done, I move it to the next day.

  6. Spiritual Life and my relationship with God comes first. Without that, everything else will fail.
    Making a list is a great way to be organized. I too make lots of notes, whether in my calendar book or in my phone.

  7. Your skin looks so pretty! Loving this look. I have to try it.

  8. Your skin looks so pretty! Loving this look. I have to try it.

  9. Ditto! I am working on my balancing act right now.

  10. I love your answers on how you balance your lives....I always wondered others do. thank you!


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