August 26, 2011

Feature Friday

I know that I'm always changing the content of my blog. One week I'm letting you all know
that I will have a 'special' feature day & a week later it no longer exist.

Well, I'm sticking with this one...

Starting now and every Friday thereafter, I will post my favorite blogs that I follow which
give me so much inspiration. I love reading blogs which either challenge my creativity, or
those that post outfits I would actually wear.

So my first post is of Nicole, from Frankieheartsfashion. She has, what I call, a very sophisticated/casual
look. She's also a bit of a shoe fanatic. I heart all of her shoes!!

You should definitely check out her blog. You are in for such a treat.


  1. o i love those grey and yellow pumps!

  2. Wow... great feature!!!! Her style is STUNNING!!!!

  3. I love her sunnies and top.

  4. she looks amazing...i heart her shoes


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