August 18, 2011

Thursday's Blues

It has been an extremely long week. I was [am] feeling unmotivated, and uninterested in
just about everything. (I guess including ironing)

On another note, my Levi seems to be having an awesome day! That plush, worn out thing
in front of him, on the floor, is his favorite toy in the whole wide world! It makes noise
(lots of noise) & he always wants you to play with it with him. Thanks mom...


  1. Cute outfit, really love the accessories. Great shoes and bag. Your hair also looks great!!!

  2. @Besos Lynn - thank you girl! hair won't look so great come tomorrow....ponytail here we come! lol

  3. Love the browns w/ the blues!

    YEs I got the skirt at Target for $12.99!! I just was in Target on Wed. and they still had some. Possibly online too?

    Thanks for the comment.

  4. I love the blue outfit and toes. The pup is adorable.

  5. lol @ including ironing...

    i love your shades of blue and i really love your necklace. i rarely have luck finding necklaces that i like, but always see great one's on other people :-/

  6. Thank you ladies! You can see I'm a little wrinkled....can't even blame that on the seat belt ... lol

  7. Pretty in blue:)) I thought about you today and then you came to visit my site, that was crazy:) Miss ya..God bless.,

  8. I feel you on the ironing;) Love the blues....(your outfit of course) and that lil' man is too cute!

  9. Love that bag! Corie, Levi, is so cute! I want a puppy so bad... :/


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