August 15, 2011

Truths I've Learned About Life

Monday Blues

1. Children are the most honest beings until we teach them not to be.

2. Anything cheap & most expensive are usually both bad deals.

3. When you worry about what others will think of you, it's really you worrying
     about what you think of yourself.

4. Whenever you hate something, it will hate you back; people, situations & inanimate
     objects alike.

5. Cynicism is far too easy to be useful.

6. Those who complain the most will definitely accomplish the least.

7. What makes a human being different from animals is that animals can be
     themselves with ease.

8. Addiction is a much greater problem in society than it's made out to be.

9. Posture & dress change how you feel about yourself & how others will feel
    about you.

10. If you kill time, it becomes an atrocity. Time is priceless & it never
      grows back.

11. You can't change other people.

12. Yelling can only make things worse.

13. No one has it all figured out.

14. Anger reveals weakness of character.

15. Violence reveals weakness of character.

16. Everyone you meet is better than you at something.

17. Blame is a favorite pastime of those who do not like responsibility.

18. Quality over quantity.

19. Kids usually understand exactly what you mean if you keep it short [one or two sentences].

20. Nothing--ever--happens exactly like you pictured it.

21. There's nothing worse than having no friends.

22. Words are immensely powerful.

23. There will be a time when you have to remove certain people from your life; including family.

24. If you aren't happy single, you won't be happy in a relationship.

25. Life is a solo trip; but you will have lots of visitors.


  1. Ooh Corie! Is your hair growing? It looks great!

    Love that bag!! It is SUPER CUTE!. You look lovely, as usual!

    Gotta come back and read the truths after work. This is a sneak & read LOL!

  2. I so love what you are doing with your hair, very nice.
    This dress is a beautiful color. I want all the pieces here!

  3. Thanks Eboni & Candice..I am growing my hair out, but not by choice. I just haven't figured out what I want to do with it.

    Thank you both for the comments!

  4. Hey Corie. You look great. Where did you get that bag???

  5. Your hair looks great.
    Truths about life; very insightful.

  6. you touched on a lot of good points I love them all now the look wow stunning I love your hair and you have makeup too you look soo glamourous love everything Corie



  7. Thanks for these Corie. I've experienced and learned many of these lessons as well.

    I love the color the dress.

  8. thanks everyone! I could have gone on with this list....I wanted to keep it short. You never stop you?

  9. Your hair looks amazing!!! Blue really looks good on you:)

  10. Cool like. Love the soft blue dress and I keep eyeing that bangle you are rocking. Simple and powerful truths shared here. Thak you!


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